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Wonkette mocks Falin's retard brat, incurs breederrage.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Oddly enough, I've never even heard of Wonkette before this; it sounds for all the world like a website for a kiddy candy company.

Apparently the folks over there made the mistake of poking fun at Sarah Falin's retarded noseminer, incurring a Net-wide flamewar by enraged fellow blond ditzes and rednecks with computer access.


Wonkette stoops to new low, mocks Trig Palin for mental disability

The satirical, left-leaning blog Wonkette seems to have gone too far in a recent post titled, ”Greatest Living American: A Children’s Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday.”

The post, written by Jack Stuef, contains numerous off-color “jokes” about Sarah Palin’s 3-year-old special needs son Trig Palin, and implies he may have been conceived as a result of incest. Given her background, he just might be.

“What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded,” wrote Steuf.

The piece also includes several Youtube clips of Trig which mock the child and his disability.

Mediate columnist Tommy Christopher, the father of two special needs children himself, emailed Wonkette chief editor Ken Layne, requesting a comment on the post. Layne’s response was unapologetic: “On whose account are you requesting that Jack Stuef remove a post mocking Sarah Palin’s well-documented use of her special needs child as a political prop? Is this coming from Mediaite? Which editor?”

Despite Wonkette’s lack of remorse for publishing the piece, some of the blog’s ad sponsors do not seem to find any humor in making fun of children with mental disabilities.

Papa John’s, Vanguard, and Huggies all announced today that they will be dropping their advertisements from Wonkette. Eff. You. All. Okay, Huggies was a no-brainer, but the other two?

“Thank you for alerting us to this. We’ve taken step to make sure our advertising doesn’t appear on that site in the future,” tweeted Papa John’s Pizza’s corporate twitter account. Go hump a cactus you Breeder-pleasing chickensh!t.

Wonkette shot back at Papa John’s, tweeting, “We beat up on Sarah Palin’s craven use of her son as a POLITICAL PROP. Child protective services should take Trig away.”

In another tweet, Wonkette called on consumers to boycott Papa John’s. Good idea.

However, later on in the day, Layne told Adweek, “Jack [Stuef] has been admonished and put on night probation until further notice. Anything involving Palin, I want to make it extra clear that *Palin* is the problem with America. Not her kids. Not her little kid, anyway.” (There has apparently since been a more lengthy apology given along these lines...not surprisingly, it hasn't worked.)

Layne also sarcastically noted that giving Stuef comment deletion duties was fair punishment because “he gets to read all the Palin fans’ insane unmoderated comments calling him an asshole and threatening to kill him.” Being threatened by chickenhawk teabaggers on the Internet is punishment? I'd be alternately laughing my arse off and backtracing their IP addresses.

Wonkette has since proven unable to stand the heat, but the Internet is a very hard kitchen to get out of. This site captured some of the stuff before it was scrubbed and Wonkette went into full retreat:


Some serious money quotes there:

One canceling a religious party because some anti-vax regressionist exposed the kiddies to whooping cough...

"Boy are you gonna get a lot of shit for this" (cheez whiz, ya THINK?)...

And of course the classic joke comparing Falin's twat and mouth.

Lesson for the day --- if you're going to poke fun at the pwecious widdle snotminer of someone who is likely the most popular teabagger in the world, you should have the spine to stand by what your writers and commenters say. Breeders do not forget or forgive. Backpedaling like this is an exercise in futility and you lose your dignity to boot.
Re: Wonkette mocks Falin's retard brat, incurs breederrage.
April 22, 2011
I can't help it but that Louis CK video had my bf and I laughing our asses off.

I think Steuf got lost somewhere inside the line between making fun of Sarah Palin and making fun of her kid. Obviously Palin is using her crotchnugget as a political football, that part shouldn't be indispute.

And I am not against making fun of retarded people, although I think most of the rest of society would consider that relatively antisocial. They can't help being retarded, and I get that, and Trig didn't ask for a stupid mother, a stupid name, to be used as a prop, or to be retarded, or even to be born.

But funny is funny.

Edit: The righteous indignation of the conservatives over how "vile" those "liberals" are to make fun of a retarded baybee strikes me as particularly fake and cheap considering they had no problem when their own slammed Chelsea Clinton, a little girl who was old enough and sentient enough to feel the hurt, for her looks.
Re: Wonkette mocks Falin's retard brat, incurs breederrage.
April 22, 2011
Mocking Trig is not cool as it is not his fault his mother was flying around on her popularity contest/AK taxpayer funded vacay while leaking amniotic fluid. Mocking his mother? Damn the torpedos.

And Papa John's pizza blows. It was decent before it became the second coming of Domino's. I prefer the local places or the smaller franchises (and even sort of like the new Domino's for some reason.)

From a bottle cap message on a Magic Hat #9 beer: Condoms Prevent Minivans
I want to pick up a bus full of unruly kids and feed them gummi bears and crack, then turn them loose in Hobby Lobby to ransack the place. They will all be wearing T shirts that say "You Could Have Prevented This."
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