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Babymama stupid song..

Posted by diddlyskwat 
Babymama stupid song..
April 10, 2005
Yes ranter, I heard that song the other day. I was appalled and embarrassed that such a horrible song could make it on the air. The really sick thing is that this will become a cultural anthem for unwed welfare cows.
Re: Babymama stupid song..
April 10, 2005
Gag! Barf!

Quote 1 from song: "I see you get that support check in the mail"

That "support" check is a welfare check, forcibly taken from the wages of working people like me to give to baby mamas.

Quote 2 from song: "I see you paying ya bills,
I see you working ya job,
I see you going to school and girl I know its hard"

Yes, welfare mamas have such "necessities" as cell phones, premium cable packages, 4-inch acrylic nails and weekly trips to the salon. Welfare mamahood is not a "job." If they go to school, it is at our expense. School is harder if one must work full-time and pay for it.

Quote 3 from song: "I really think it should be a holiday for single mothers tryin' to make a way"

Most baby mamas have holidays every day because they don't work. As you say, Fantasia, "Cause we the backbone (of the hood)." Is that the "work" you meant? The problem is, baby mamas are on their backbones too much and don't use birth control.

I haven't heard the song on the radio yet. Thanks for the warning.

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