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Posted by Jessica 
April 14, 2005
Post deleted by administrator.
CF Uter
Re: Response
April 14, 2005
If we're so funny, why not laugh instead of being disgusted.

Yes, everyone pays tax but not everyone benefits like the breeders do.

Bush did the tax credits but breeders vote for him so he can cater to them and give them more credits and perks for getting laid w/o protection. And, the child deduction was around before W.

I guess I can't speak for everyone, but I do have hate in my heart for breeders. Don't worry tho. They are so busy thinking about themselves and caring about no one else, they don't notice. They make sure they get enough attention since they are always whining for more perks and entitlements, they still feel good even if I hate them. Besides, they have all that joy from their brood, so I'm sure that out weighs the hate I have for them.

>>>>>Are you glad your mother gave birth to you?????

Can you say "Bingo!"? Wow, how clever! I never heard that one before.

good-bye breeduh.

P.S. If you all don't have bad kids either, WHERE are you hiding them?

P.P.S. It is P.P.S., not P.S.S., and really is only appropriate after you sign off. And, if I get your gist, you could NOT care less. But, I don't shake any babies since I have none, I leave the baby-shaking to the 1000's of breeders out there in the world who are on the news every night. When I watch kids, I don't shake them, but lo and behold, they do what they are told since they know they can't manipulate me like their ol' moo and duh.

Go back and look after your kid and get off the computer.
Re: Response
April 14, 2005
Troll wrote:

***Just because it is not your choice to have children does not mean everyone needs to abide to your lifestyle.***

Guess what troll, we don't have to abide by your lifestyle either. In fact, we are fucking sick of it. Got it? Of course not. You are too self absorbed to get it.

*** I leave the baby-shaking to the 1000's of breeders out there in the world who are on the news every night.***

Exactly. We are not the ones to fear.
Re: Response
April 15, 2005
Why do you keep deleting my posts? It is a free country and free speech right?

Wrong, Jessica the troll. This is a private website and I've made it clear you are not welcome to post here. Perhaps your employer/ISP can make it clearer for you. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Bratfree.com Webmaster/Site Owner

Re: Response
April 15, 2005
This stuff is great. A breeder moo spouting off bingoisms and trying haaaard to push CF buttons. Good for an early-Friday laugh!

My sister just emailed saying she had blood tests done to see if she's gestating sprog #2. Sigh. She said "keep your fingers crossed."

I'll keep my fingers crossed, but not for the reasons she was thinking. I'm such a hatter!

Sprog #1 is a well-behaved, indoor-voice-using delight (really) but that only means it probably goes downhill from there.

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