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You first.

Posted by Glub 
You first.
April 25, 2005
Oh nooooo I can't possssssibly leave a mark on history without a chyyyuuuuullllld. *sob* I may as well ... just ... kill myselffffff! Noooobodyyyy stop meeeeee ... I'm gonnna dooo ittttt ... *sniffle*
Anonymous User
Re: You first.
April 25, 2005
Damn, I love trolls in the afternoon.

They just don't get it, we dislike breeders and brats equally, well maybe not equally. I mean the breeders are the adults and are supposed to be teaching their brats things like manners and not to trash public places. Well maybe I really do hate the breeder trolls that come around. I rather enjoy an intelligent, polite child, it so rare these days it's refreshing when you run across one. Not something I'll ever say about a breeder's spawn.
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