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Entry 296 in response to my entries 295 and 287

Posted by catmeow 
Entry 296 in response to my entries 295 and 287
May 11, 2005
I'm pretty sure they're two different moomies.

Since you like to read the begging of breeders, here's one more for you:
I also copied it below.


We are looking for a crib, changing table, rocker, anything and everything furniture wise for an expectant baby. But.. we don't have much of a budget. Please help us out! We can pick up, take everything apart, and get it out of wherever you have it!!! A crib, for example, we can't spend more than $50 max.

Thank you for any and all help! We really need it!

They claim they can't spend more than $50, but they can beg for much more. I can't stand those who breed, but cannot afford to do so. Their idea of a "budget" is what they can grab in welfare benefits.

Breeders suck!
what ever happened to if you cant afford it then dont get it.. why have a £250,000 bill coming(how much it costs to have a kid til age 18), if you cant afford $50..
Re: Entry 296 in response to my entries 295 and 287
May 12, 2005
If they live off welfare, they don't have to worry about paying bills because those of us who work are stuck paying their expenses. If they work, they see their kiddie tax credits as payments for things such as big-screen TVs and vacations.

I don't understand breeder logic, but then again, I'm not a breeder.
breeder illogic more likely..
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