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another problem with human procreation

Posted by DW 
I totally agree with you. I am not glad I was born. Whenever I'm discussing the topic of abortion with someone and they say "But if your mom had had an abortion, then you wouldn't be here right now!" My reply is always: "I wish!"
Anonymous User
Re: another problem with human procreation
May 22, 2005
I went to a Catholic high school and whenever I'd start talking about a woman's rights over her own body, someone would invariably say, "How would you like it if your mom aborted you!" and I'd say, "It would be great because I wouldn't be sitting here arguing with a moron like you now."
Anatasia. That ones great! I'm gonna use that one!!!
Sick of Moos
Re: another problem with human procreation
June 23, 2005
Whenever some genius makes that remark to me, I always fire back with, "Well, I guess I wouldn't know the difference, since I wouldn't exist YOU STUPID F@#*!!"
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