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Kidlesskim gets called out on a blog (Trisomy 18 Cow Moos and Lows)

Posted by KABA 
This child was born with a genetic abnormality -ge-ne-tic- for you lurking breeders out there that means it was created with faulty genes from one or both parents.Why do you think that one day you will wake up and your child will be normal? It's not going to happen, if certain motor and brain functions are impaired than it will remain that way throughout their entire life. I should know, I have a mild form of cerebral palsy. Yes, I can walk, talk and pretty much take care of myself (I'm lucky) but my math skills are shit and I also have a learning disability. Not to mention that I can't walk or stand for long periods or do anything overly strenuous.

What does this do for me? I will never be able to do courses at a college level, get a higher paying job (I am working for minimal wage) and I have to take it easy / live and deal with the pain that comes with living with my disability.

From the sounds of it, this child will be dependent on it's parents until it dies which as noted does not have a long life expectancy anyway.The most they can do for their child is to make sure it lives as good a life as possible and it's happy. If a doctor suggests surgery it is OK to refuse depending on if it will actually improve the girl's quality of life or just put her through misery in a false hope or a slim outcome.

As for the blogger moo calling out Kidless Kim -
We don't know love? because we don't have children? So what you're saying is we don't love our own parents, our siblings, our extended family of aunts and uncles? Or how about our own spouses? Here's a reality check for you - Parents aren't the only ones that know love
We just show more of it towards those mentioned above rather than solely focusing on and having our lives become absorbed by children.

Also, I would like to point out that not all childfree people hate kids. Yes, some do, but others are teachers, teachers aids that work with disabled kids, pediatricians, councilor's, day care providers. Child Free people just do not want any of their own and frankly their reasons for not wanting them is no ones business but their own. So please stop with the bingoes, we are sick of hearing them, hence our rude responses.

Fuck! What ever happened to respect and boundaries?
..............Oh yea it went out the window with the last few generations.
While tri-tard moo is the guilty blogger, don't forget there is tri-tard duh who could put an end to all this but not only didn't but continued to contribute his possibly defective genes to further breeding.
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