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trainwreck blog

Posted by bell_flower 
trainwreck blog
June 01, 2005
That is some trainwrecky stuff. It has a little bit of everything: fertility drugs, porn, and a little physical abuse thrown in for good measure. (And no, I didn't troll her blog. Looks like a childed person took her to task for the Watermelon Incident, which was a lame story. "My huzzzzbund won't get me watermelon.....He should waaant to do this for his baaaaabeeeeees." How about getting off your lazy ass? )

But seriously, this woman needs to get her head examined. If her husband is such a bastard, why did she try to have kids with him for FIVE YEARS, which included FERTILITY TREATMENTS?

And now she's surprised he's still an asshole?

I loved it how commenters said it was natural for husbands to be assholes during pregnancy.
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