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340-baby names

Posted by CF Uter 
CF Uter
340-baby names
June 09, 2005
to anyone who names their kid ABYGAL, and thinks that is just so youneek, I can't tell you how often I see that now. It is NOT youneek.

If I was a youneek parent today, I would name my kids Michael and Kathy, then I would finally be an individual in the parent-world.

Almost *everyone* I knew in the 80's who sprogged named their kids Casey and Kelly, in the 90's Taylor, Tyler and Trenton, now it is Abigal, Lucas, Spencer and Connor.

who are these breeders fooling w/ their youneekness? When they get to school, don't they see the 13 other Taylors?????
the nameless one
Re: 340-baby names
June 09, 2005
reminds me of the dr suess one too many daves.. if you listen hard enough you hear he is poking fun at all these names that are alike,
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