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Posted by anonnymouse 
June 11, 2005
Admitted, that some can be fun for the trainwrecky goodness, and I will briefly look before becoming bored stiff, but I really can't figure out WHY anyone habitually reads them. Especially enough to know everything about their day to day life (example the gigowskiwhatevertheirnameis).

Not only that, but to actually try to correspond with them?? I just don't understand. The Armchair psychologist in me says that someone's fascination with moos and their fertility may mean that they are wannabeemoos. I can't imagine any other reason why any CFer would actually waste time reading moo moo moo. Don't you have enough of that in real life? Or are you so lucky that you actually have to go seeking it out?

Now, before anyone jumps on me because this is a rant board, I know that. This is also the discussion of the rants, and I am dying to know why someone would deliberately seek out something to rant about. It is like the parents that deliberately used to read brats over and over again so that they could either troll, or run off to their moo sites to whine about how meaaaan we all are. Masochism? What?
Re: Mooblogs
June 12, 2005
sometimes its you cant look away, like a car accident,, and it gives us true blue cfers the happy warm feeling that no way on earth are we ever ever ever gonna suffer from that.

but talking to people who only focus on one thing their pwecious lions, its boring in the first place, disgusting in the 2nd,
Re: Mooblogs
June 13, 2005
To me, it's been kind of a way to make sure that I'm okay with my recent hysterectomy. Sort of like picking at a scab, I guess.

And yeah, I'm still thrilled about it, so I guess I'm okay.
Re: Mooblogs
June 15, 2005
On any given day I read the blogs of a rabid baseball fan, a lesbian, a woman who has had 8 miscarriages, and a former web designer who is now a stay at home mom. Does that mean I secretly want to be a baseball fan, a lesbian (I'm straight) or a mother, especially given that I'm in my mid 40's and sterilized? Very doubtful.

My criteria for reading blogsare funny and interesting. I agree with your assessment of the Gagowski blog...how many times can you read "Jerimaiah is my spayshul boy...He peed on me today and it was truly water from Jaysus" ? And yes, I sometimes read trainwreck blogs. It's a guilty pleasure.

I don't know why someone would want to correspond with a Moo about Moo stuff, and I have no patience for trolling and harassing Moos or WannaBes. But I don't think what the OP did was wrong. It sounds like a Moo Wanna Be was trying to start some shit and make false allegations about this page. If he/she tried to diffuse the situation, more power to him/her. This page serves a purpose and I don't want it bombarded by trolls.

Re: Mooblogs
June 15, 2005
The difference is bell flower, you don't read them and then continually rant about them (unless you are the ranter). That is the part that I really can't understand. I am not judging someone's guilty pleasure, (ok, maybe I am), but I just can't get the bitching about it when they subject themselves to it.

I keep wondering if it is the same obsessive ranter from Brats. That person needs help.
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