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Serial Breeders #352

Posted by Earthlover 
Serial Breeders #352
June 20, 2005
This is a huge problem with overpopulation! Divorce.
Just like you said, then the next relationship breeders have to have sprogs with them because it means you are in 'luuuuuv'. Then people are having 5-6 kids in a round about way for the wife and 5-6 for the divorced husband. If every person does this...has 5-6 kids...well, we can already see that overpopulation is running rampant. Not to mention the previous sprogs mental welfare after new 'luv childs' are born.
CF Uter
Re: Serial Breeders #352
June 20, 2005
Like all the movie stars do this. Like Rod Stewart. I don't understand who would willingly go through the grind of starting another family after having one, and another ,and another.

Plus, you spend your weekends playing musical families for the visitation. All in the name of luv. I'm sure everyone is building great famblee relations this way. Life is hard enough, let's complicate it even more with several families to look after!

God damn, are breeder dumb.
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