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Puzzling topic #362

Posted by Beatrix 
Puzzling topic #362
June 24, 2005
Cancer is nothing at all like infertility. There are a lot of emotions around the infertility issue, but no logic whatsoever.
Cancer eats away at the body and causes unbearable pain and people die if they don't get treated. And even when they do sometimes it's too late.
Someone I know compared the woman who got an ovary transplant from her sister so she could have a baby to someone who needed a heart transplant.
The person needed a heart to pump his fucking blood!

Jesus wept! *sigh*
Re: Puzzling topic #362
June 24, 2005
its as if they think a person is only worthwhile if they have a kid.

but if nature(or god)says dont have kids, or you cant, then there must be summat wrong .. its natures way to sometimes sacrifice a few bad lambs.. we are not above nature, we are part of it, but sometimes doctors are playing as if they are god..
Re: Puzzling topic #362
June 29, 2005
It really got in my nerves when Snags would credit Gawd for her seven Mirakul babies. MAN had everything to do with it, not God. Nature has a limit of three babies in one womb, and Nature knows what she's doing.
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