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Cell phones & kids (actually cell phones and any brain-dead human or subhuman)

Posted by Anonymous 
I think the school district made the right call. Adults can't use cell phones with any consideration or thought to other people, and they transfer their lack of manners to their spawn.

I just wish this law were universal and including colleges. I'm sick of trying to hear a lecture at my local college with cell phones going off (despite the fact there is a written edict that ALL cell phones are to be turned off before entering a classroom - or the library, etc.).

just sign me,
cell phones - the end of what passed as civilization as we knew it

The radio announcer sounded like a moron. He's saying that if kids are responsible, he thinks they should use a phone. Well, good, you can dictate what goes on in your house.

I'm sure teachers are tired of dealing with this crap.
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