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duhd's crap on eBay

Posted by Beatrix 
duhd's crap on eBay
July 05, 2005
Fuckin A... Who the hell would buy a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi and a T-shirt for any amount of fucking money? It looks like it was pulled because of some sort of error...
And BTW, I'll buy something if I'm interested in it and I have the money. I don't care if the seller is a breeder. That won't make me buy it.
I've never been into eBay. Thank God, because I don't want to see these so-called charity cases beg people to buy their junk 'cause they have sprogs. Why have kids if you have to sell all your shit for them?

Yeah, it's all worth it.
Re: duhd's crap on eBay
July 06, 2005
These breeders sound like the same assholes that beg for free mooternity clothing, cribs, furniture and washer/dryers on Craig's List. Some of these bums have lists at least 15 items long.

If they are so fucking broke, they should have never got sperm-infected or sprogged. A truckload of birth control devices would be more appropriate to prevent the next crotchdropping.
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