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the hostile childed folks

Posted by Beatrix 
the hostile childed folks
July 07, 2005
Yeah Dogsledder, I hear 'ya.

I've had very hostile reactions from people I hardly fucking know.
One woman that worked at my old job that I hardly ever saw said to me that I was "wasting my beauty" and that my life was meaningless without a husband and sprogs.

Another co-worker tried to escalate things to a shouting match when I made an off-hand comment "No, NOT having them."

My choice isn't hurting them. That's what I say from now on.
I think it bugs a lot of people when I say it with such relief.

Re: the hostile childed folks
July 08, 2005
I have been at the recieving end of such hostility as well. It makes no sense whatsoever. It used to piss me off. Now I just give them the dead stare that says you can't be that insecure/uncivilized/ill-mannered.
And yet we all know the real reason they are so hostile is because we were smarter than them. They are mad that they are in a sitution that we will never be in. I am a firm believer that those people who INSISTE we should have kids... just want us to suffer like the rest of them.
Re: the hostile childed folks
July 09, 2005
What we are is living representatives of the fact that they actually have CHOICES in their lives and that they were no more fated to sprog than we were. We just made a choice not to. But they wanted to believe the hype and got sucked in. Now they're stuck, but they didn't have to be, and they know that.
Re: the hostile childed folks
July 09, 2005
i think in a lot of cases they are jealous at our freedoms, they see that we are generally happier without them, and they realise what a waste their lives have become.
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