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13 year old girl is brain dead after tonsilectomy (Jahi McMath). Mom wants life support continued.

Posted by bell_flower 
Who says that the person in that video is even Jahi? I'm betting it's not; especially since you only see the feet. Probably more bs so the famblee can keep the donations rolling in.

Based on the level of decay mentioned a month ago -- from doctors who testified things like she was sloughing and excreting her intestinal lining -- that foot is in far too good of shape to be Jahi's. I'd also read things like her skin had become waxy and that "stuff" was running out of her nose -- perhaps liquified brain tissue. That was apparently from a cousin or something posting on social media.

Either way, even with forced oxygen, I just can't believe that it would have stopped the decay.
Jesus H. Monkey Moses. I know the kid is legally dead already, but is she dead yet? Seriously. Going on two months now.
"Recovering" from brain death and now claims of movement? Holy shit she is patient zero. Burn her quick I am not prepared for the zombie appocolypse yet! :eyebrows

"Recovering" from brain death and now claims of movement? Holy shit she is patient zero. Burn her quick I am not prepared for the zombie appocolypse yet! :eyebrows

And here, gentlefolk, is how the Zombie Apocalypse truly begun. With braindead breeders.


“I was talking about children that have not been properly house-trained. Left to their own impulses and indulged by doting or careless parents almost all children are yahoos. Loud, selfish, cruel, unaffectionate, jealous, perpetually striving for attention, empty-headed, for ever prating or if words fail them simply bawling, their voices grown huge from daily practice: the very worst company in the world. But what I dislike even more than the natural child is the affected child, the hulking oaf of seven or eight that skips heavily about with her hands dangling in front of her -- a little squirrel or bunny-rabbit -- and prattling away in a baby's voice.”

― Patrick O'Brian, The Truelove

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Is this shit still going on? Just saw this thread at the top again. This has be come one big circus... a disgusting one at that.

So, she's officially back from the dead, eh? Well, then! I look forward to her regaining the ability to walk.



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^That guy's probably in better shape than she is.
I'm really surprised this thread hasn't been visited by a single troll yet. It seemed like it had Anna potential.
Oh, don't you worry about that - they'll come a-trollin'.
Mention the girl's full name a few more times so this shows up closer to the top of a Google search and we might even get some of her equally brain dead relatives trollin' here. Maybe once she's DEAD dead - like no more life support - people will come here and tell us all how meeeeean we are.
This entire JAHI MCMATH story has make me ill. I remember sitting around with my girlfriends in the 80s and early 90s, watching a variety of horror movies. Jahi Mcmath is like the dead relative that the crazy inbred family keeps around as a memorial object.
It's just fucking gross. It's like The Shining meets Psycho.

So, we've already established that decomp fucking smells horrid. How in the fucking fuck is this still going on, as if nothing is leaking out and smelling up the place?

I mean, a rat (albeit the size of my cat, probably a bit larger, realistically) smelled my whole house up something fucking fierce. It was in the attic, not out in the open, and my olfactory center begged me to kill it with fire. So, I can only imagine what out-in-the-open, human decomp smells like, which is why I could never be a coroner/detective/Medical Examiner.

I do NOT understand what the fuck is wrong with the "loved ones" (LOLOL) keeping up such a fucking charade. Doing better, is she? I highly fucking doubt it. Keep putting that smudge-o-stuff up your nostrils before your visits with the corpse, folks. It's only a matter of time before insects start making their grand entrance, and the gaseous bloat expels itself.

She is not alive. She's left the planet. She's on another plane of existence, if you believe in that sort of thing. Point is, these fools need the psychiatric help (and/or heavy drugs for a few days/weeks) to come to terms with this fact, I'm afraid. But people get through it. Some take longer than others, but they get through it. The only way out is through. There's no getting around it.
She now has her own Wiki page.


"Jahi McMath (May 26, 2000 – December 12, 2013)[1] was a 13-year-old girl who was declared brain-dead following post-operative complications from medical procedures aimed at relieving symptoms from sleep apnea.[2][3][4][5] On January 3, 2014, the Alameda County coroner’s office issued a death certificate for McMath with a date of December 12, 2013. A cause of death was not included pending an autopsy.[6]"

Even the Wiki knows she's dead.
I'm not a fan of troll invasions myself. If a troll comes here and is a wanker, he/she deserves to be outed, but I like our nice little place here where we can express non-PC opinions. Anyone who wants to troll this thread isn't worth engaging.

As far as the topic itself, I do have sympathy for people who have lost a loved one but it comes down to how you want someone to LIVE. How much time has to pass before they see Jahi in a bed, unresponsive, before they realize this is no way for anyone to "live," and I put that in quotes because she is brain dead.

Not how I would want to live or be un-dead.
Movement doesn't mean that she's alive. Even dead people move, if you stimulate the right nerve. For instance, there is something called Lazarus reflex

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More bullshit from "Dr." Paul Byrne...


When will it end? HOW will it end?

(Captcha: EJebt. How ironic -- EBT (food stamps) is what Jahi's famblee surely used, because Moomie couldn't stop taking dicksnot from strange men -- yet the unchilded are told to go get fucked when they need assistance.)
I don't care WHERE or HOW... just END already!
Every time I see an update to this thread, I hope that it means that poor Jahi has been allowed to rest in peace already, and every time it's not to be. That poor girl. This whole thing is sick, and I have zero sympathy for her idiot breeders. angry flipping off

I have a sinking feeling we are in for months of this, seeing as how a brain dead woman was kept on "life support" for nearly 2 months for a fetus. I think Jahi's breeders are going to be even worse. I don't think they'll stop even when it becomes (even more) blatantly obvious she is DEAD. Then I think they'll sue the hospital, the new place her body is at (for not resurrecting her to their satisfaction or something), and everyone they possibly can. What a clusterfuck. All because Moombie might cry. They all need help. Sick, twisted, and disgusting.

ETA: And of course they refused organ donation! God forbid anyone else live from a death that was (probably) caused by the family's own negligence. Nope! Not a chance! If Moombie's widdle babby can't live, then no else will off HER pwecious. Nooooo, they have to hook someone dead up to life support all so Moooooo won't low out some tears. Disgusting.

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And, if this was very close to surgery, and even if she was awake and moving around, isn't there a limit on visitors? Wasn't she in a recovery room? Do they let parunts hang out in the recovery room? Anytime my grandma had surgery, they would just tell us that she was out of surgery, and then we would wait a while to see her; sometimes hours, till they got her awake and aware and situated, etc.

Now, i will say that I've never seen it verified that she did eat some burger -- just internet comment claims -- but I really would not be surprised if it happened.

The article I read was an interview with a guy who was there in the ICU for another patient-- his son, I believe. He said he and his wife had to take turns visiting said son while Jahi had a crowd of people in her room. He said they were abusive to the staff and had no regard for the other children recovering there (my guess, and it's purely a guess, is that their abuse of the staff got them to agree to let the whole family in-- the guy said there were about 15 family members). And he claimed he saw them feeding Jahi the Big Mac. I can't find a link for this, though. Sorry.
The only place the hospital dropped the ball, in my opinion, was by not reporting the moother to CPS. Surely Jahi had to go to the hospital beforehand for pre-admission testing -- when they became aware she weighed 200 POUNDS, AT AGE 13, that should have IMMEDIATELY sent up some red flags; and at least one doctor Jahi encountered somewhere down the line had to be more than a little concerned about her excessive weight. But even then, it's still not their fault she's dead. Barring any medical reasons for her being obese, it can be surmised that her mother fed her to death (and finished her off with that Big Mac in the recovery room.)

Surely Jahi's moother noticed her daughter gaining A LOT of weight. They got "free" medical insurance -- but it seems Jahi's mother didn't take her to the doctor quite enough (which may have helped get her weight under control -- and this whole situation might have been avoided.) Wouldn't that be considered medical neglect?
More bullshit from "Dr." Paul Byrne...


Good gawd, what a bunch of unctious twaddle. Made me nauseous.
One of the many rumors flying is that moo took J to several doctors. All refused to recommend surgery till she lost weight which would likely fix her problems. Surgery was a last resort. So moo doctor shopped until she found one willing to recommend surgery over cutting J off her Michael Phelps daily diet.

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I want to pick up a bus full of unruly kids and feed them gummi bears and crack, then turn them loose in Hobby Lobby to ransack the place. They will all be wearing T shirts that say "You Could Have Prevented This."
This thread has lived 60 days longer than Jahi.
spewing water due to laughing
Hi peeps, I missed you all - hope to get back to posting more often. Meantime, just spotted this - moo is claiming she sees changes (yeah I bet) that give her hope shrug

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