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The sad thing is...

Posted by Mike 
The sad thing is...
July 13, 2005

The kyooote little preemie is sucking down medical funds and resources like there's no tomorrow, while never having contributed a thing to society. Some poor slob who's worked their whole life is probably foregoing treatment because insurance companies give so much priority to neonatal care and vanity treatments, like IVF. That sounds fair and balanced.

I hate the "kids at all costs" people.
Re: The sad thing is...
July 14, 2005
EXACTLY. There's plenty of working people that need care more than some mistake does.

It's also sad how insurance companies won't pay to prevent the parasites, but they'll pay for all moo's Dr. visits until she takes the big shit, and pay for brand new Mistayke's care. This pisses me off no end.
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