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Headline: Child's Body Found In Suitcase, Read the Story and Three Adults Are Dead too

Posted by bell_flower 
This is a good example of why I hate our biased, chyld-centric and pronatalist news media.

I clicked on the story, thinking it was about parental abuse, only to find the story was about a QUADRUPLE murder. Three other people died, including the child's moo, who was bound, raped and shot in the head. Her naked and bound body was at the scene.

A better headline would have been: Preliminary Hearing Begins for KS Quadruple Murder

It sucks that four people died but only one of them rates a headline mention.

Fuck you, Associated Press.
Right there with you on that. Children are headlines; adults are footnotes.
Oh god, I've always hated that. The *only* time I've ever said something like that is when discussing Jonestown. Out of 900 dead, a third of them were children, but they didn't have a choice to be there, and they were forced to drink the poison. (Also it's a myth that they adults all committed sucide. The majority of them were forcibly injected with cynide.)

But yes, that crap irritates me too. "Two children among ten million adults dead after earthquake!!!!!!" smile rolling left righteyes2

Someday we'll look back on this moment and plow into a parked car.

Evan Davis
Associated Press: (Contact Us)


Testimony: Child's Body Found in Suitcase in Creek
OTTAWA, Kan. March 11, 2014 (AP)
MARIA SUDEKUM Associated Press
Yep. "Child" has become yet another Dog Whistle Propaganda tactic.
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