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Did I just stumble upon THE mother (pun intended) of all pro-public breastfeeding rants?

"I thought I'd make another status explaining exactly what happened to me on August 2nd at 2:30pm. My friend and I and our two boys went to this location to jump around and have fun, we fed them before we left but before we started to really jump around my son began to tug on my shirt.

I faced the wall (away from where the majority of the people were) (not that that matters either because the LAW states that I have a RIGHT to feed my baby in any area I am allowed to be) and fed my son for about 3 minutes. When he was through I pulled up my shirt and took 4 or 5 steps toward to trampolines and the maddest looking woman approached me (the manager I'm now told) and she says to me. "You are not allowed to breastfeed in this establishment without a cover." I educated her on the law that states I can feed my baby whenever wherever.. WITHOUT A COVER.

Then I also said, I dont have anything to cover up with. she then said, I will go get you a blanket. I said No thank you. I can feed my child anywhere I need to. But thank you. She then says, "IT IS OUR POLICY THAT BREASTFEEDERS COVER UP, IF YOU CANT COVER UP THEN YOU ARE TOO IMMATURE TO EVEN HAVE A CHILD" I then said It is harassment to insist I use a cover and call me immature and discrimination if you kick me out for breastfeeding. so tell me would you like me to leave?! (By this time she had raised her voice so much that everybody was now paying attention to her argument) she then says, "WE DONT DO THAT HERE. GET OUT." and I left. Called the cops.

And when the police officer and I went in there and asked for the manager the same angry woman came out and says, Sir its our policy to cover up here! He asks her for the policy and she gets SO DEFENSIVE. Starts telling the cop that she knows more then him about this because her uncle is an FBI agent and her ex is a cop. That i had my full breast exposed and there was two people behind her backing her up when she approached me, both in which were complete flat our lies. My boob did not show at all and she attacked me alone. Then she starts saying that she was just "kindly" offering me a blanket... Blaming me for the way she treated me. AlI I did was politely decline what ever "blanket" she wanted me to wear and stated my right and the law. Then when we asked for the owners info she said "Go look it up online" The cop asked for my refund and I got it back and as we walked to my car he told me that I was right and he was sorry but these things sometimes happen. I thanked him for his time and patience with this situation and this woman. Regardless of what her standards, policies, or "rules" are the LAW is what it is and she broke it by kicking me out!"

I took out some info that specified the place so that trolls aren't led here by this story (hopefully) and broke up her "little" diatribe into paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes.

Anyway...wow. LOL! What is so awful about taking the parasite into a bathroom or -- gasp! -- pumping some breast milk ahead of time and putting it in bottles that would fit into a diaper bag?

Sorry, dear, but something being legal or illegal doesn't automatically make it okay or wrong. It used to be legal to discriminate against blacks and force them to use separate water fountains -- the fact that it was legal at the time did not make it moral.

Breast milk can contain disease and the public has a right to not be contaminated -- it's just that simple.

Too bad we can't get the manager's side of the story, hm?
Good grief, here we go again. Did she name the place? We can probably expect another "article".

Her language itself, can give us an indication of her entitlement level. When has an entitled breeder ever passed up a chance, to try to ruin a business that didn't cater to her? Tit-nazis are all over such allegations.

I have my doubts however, that mummy is telling the whole truth. They probably DO have such a policy, which was produced for the cops, if they were indeed called. There would have been signs about this.

Perhaps the breeder wanted the visit comped, so she publicly breastfed in violation of the policy, in order to get a refund.

" ... what's one more once you've already got two shedding on the couch?"
Yes, the place was named, but I left that part out because I fear people I know searching for the story, then stumbling upon this forum, and figuring out it is me.

I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not.
It's a shame that cops have to get involved in this kind of stuff when they have far more important things to do.
This is NOT a police issue but if she in the US and IF she is telling the truth she is likely right. I don't like it but I think that is current laws in the US. I can't imagine a child oriented place not having video so surely that will solve it. If not, surely there were witnesses who can say what really happened?
good to know this bitch is wasting the police's time when they could be, you know, preventing an actual crime.
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