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Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status

Posted by bell_flower 
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
October 10, 2023
Bill to make condoms freely available to high school students was rejected by California governor Gavin Newsom, with the excuse that it would be cost prohibitive.

Oy Gav, you know what costs more than condoms, dude? BREEDING. You think for one second any teenager anywhere EVER will go, "Oop don't have a rubber, guess I won't have sex!" They're going to do it anyway because they either don't understand the risks or don't care about them.

Though I'm sure all the breeders would have their tits in a knot over it if it wasn't rejected because handing out condoms would encourage the kids to have sex, ike they weren't gonna go and do it anyway eye rolling smiley. Or that it would be a waste because THEIR precious perfect little angels would NEVER have sex like those other filthy sluts and horn dog boys.

https://www.kcra.com/article/california-free-condoms-bill-high-school-students-veto/45486499#:~Mr. T: I pitty tha foolext=California%20Gov.%20Gavin%20Newsom%20rejected,millions%20of%20dollars%20each%20year.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom rejected a bill on Sunday that would have made free condoms available to all public high school students, arguing it was too expensive for a state with a budget deficit of more than $30 billion.

Legislative staff estimated it would have cost in the low millions of dollars each year. California had about 1.9 million high school students enrolled in more than 4,000 schools last year, according to the California Department of Education.

“This bill would create an unfunded mandate to public schools that should be considered in the annual budget process,” Newsom wrote in a message explaining why he vetoed the bill, known as Senate bill 541.

The bill is one of hundreds passed by California’s Democratic-dominated state Legislature before lawmakers adjourned last month. Newsom has been signing and vetoing legislation since then, including rejecting bills on Saturday to ban caste-based discrimination, limit the price of insulin and decriminalize possession and use of some hallucinogens.

The bill would have required all public schools that have grades nine through 12 to make condoms available for free to all students. It would have required public schools with grades seven through 12 to allow condoms to be made available as part of educational or public health programs.

And it would have made it illegal for retailers to refuse to sell condoms to youth.

State Sen. Caroline Menjivar, a Democrat from Los Angeles and the author of the bill, had argued the bill would have helped “youth who decide to become sexually active to protect themselves and their partners from (sexually transmitted infections), while also removing barriers that potentially shame them and lead to unsafe sex.”

Newsom said programs increasing access to condoms are “important to supporting improved adolescent sexual health.” But he said this bill was one of several measures lawmakers passed this year that, when added together, would add $19 billion in costs to the state budget.

“With our state facing continuing economic risk and revenue uncertainty, it is important to remain disciplined when considering bills with significant fiscal implications, such as this measure,” Newsom said.

Also on Sunday, Newsom signed a law aimed a electrifying the state's fleet of school buses. Starting in 2035, the law will require any new bus purchased or contracted by school districts to be zero-emission.

California's public school districts that provide their own transportation own about 15,800 school buses, of which 10,800 are powered by diesel fuel, according to a 2022 report from the Legislative Analyst's Office.

The law is part of California's plan to phase out the use of fossil fuels. State regulations will ban the sale of new gas-powered cars in California by 2035.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
October 10, 2023
I hate stories like these, because it makes it look like a woman's top aspiration in life is to be a breeder. Meanwhile women are being denied medical treatment for being "pre-pregnant" even when they have no desire for kids. This plus making everything that is women-oriented be about mawwwms is why women don't get taken seriously. It makes my head explode. If I have to hear another mawm complain about the patriarchy I'm going to lose my mind.

Faux news loves to push the patriarchal breeder agenda: women are to breed at any cost including death! The far right just eat up any crap about a woman's top aspiration in life being breeding, makes them feel validated.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
October 11, 2023
I'm surprised actually. Newsom is a moron.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
November 27, 2023
I am getting a BIG kick out of the Chewy's Xmas ads! They have one that the around 8-9 year old brat is holding a wrapped package from under the tree, shaking it and asking the cat "say it's a phone--it IS a phone, isn't it?" and the dubbed in cat voice replies something like "not unless a phone smells like a catnip toy!" To that I say "nyah nyah nyah!" ALL the gifts should be for the cats and dogs (more loyal that brats!) and certainly NOT a damn cell phone for an elementary school aged kid.
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