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Pregnancy causes immune system to drop

Posted by freya 
Pregnancy causes immune system to drop
April 10, 2017
Pregnancy causes a compromised immune system

This may be the first time I've read an article which dares to speak of a compromised immune system caused by pregnancy.
Re: Pregnancy causes immune system to drop
April 10, 2017
Makes sense. I know sometimes when a woman gets pregnant, her body will treat the fetus like an intruder and do its best to expel it, as seems to be the case with women who have serial miscarriages. In such cases, I imagine the woman's body hasn't quite gotten the memo that it has to lower its shields a little bit so the clump can bake for the entire 9-10 months. So I can see how, in order to get around a normal immune response, the body would have to compromise the woman's entire immune system in order to carry the clump to term and/or put all its resources into keeping the parasite safe while the rest of the body is neglected (I'm honestly not sure which one is closer to the truth). I mean hell, when a woman miscarries (or has an abortion), if every single scrap of pregnancy tissue doesn't come out, the woman could fucking DIE. Yeah, pregnancy is safe, all right.


The only treatment option for her advanced melanoma was immunotherapy, he added, which is not advised during pregnancy.

So the dumb cow had a history of cancer, refused to do treatment that would have hopefully augmented her immune response just so she could shit out a second kid who, along with Moo's first child, is now motherless because she couldn't be arsed to use a condom and get immunotherapy.


Melanoma is one of the few cancers that can pass through the placenta, so it can be transmitted to the fetus...

I'm sure she was told this by her obstetrician and/or oncologist and/or dermatologist, but she still chose to give birth to a child who could very well wind up getting melanoma itself one day. She's no fucking hero. She's a selfish bitch. I'm not saying it would have been easy to abort or kill the clump so she could get treatment for her cancer, but she didn't seem to give a shit that her "sacrifice" would leave two children without a mother (not to mention her husband without a wife) instead of losing one "child" in order to continue being in her daughter's and husband's lives. She already had two living, sentient people who loved and needed her, yet she chose to flip them a great big stage-four middle finger because BAYBEE meant more than either her partner or their daughter. I'm sure neither the older kid nor the Duh will feel any resentment at all toward the sickly new loaf.

And for all we know, Moo may have damned her newborn loaf to the same fate if melanoma is hereditary. The thing came out weighing less than two pounds and with chronically fucked-up lungs. Not off to a good start in life. She shouldn't have even been getting knocked up in the first place with her history of cancer (I'll give her slack on the first kid because she was diagnosed the first time after the older kid was born), but she just had to have another baybee! Must be the older one quit being cute and helpless.
Re: Pregnancy causes immune system to drop
April 14, 2017
Melanoma is nothing to mess with. Let's do the math.

Pignant in 2013 with first kid.
Diagnosed in May 2015 with melanoma.
Knocked up again around October 2016, a mere 17 months after she had melanoma.
Dead in 2017.

She should have never got pregnant again after such a serious illness. It's quite common for melanoma to metastasize to internal organs and kill someone a year or two after the first diagnosis.

A rational person would have taken a "wait and see" attitude, particularly for the sake of her existing kid. Then she could have taken immunotherapy had she needed it. (BTW, I just ordered Mary Elizabeth Williams' book about surviving stage 4 melanoma. Her only hope was a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug and she had a complete remission. She's supposedly cured now.)

Shades of Susan Torres who had melanoma in at 17, then immediately started pumping out baybees in her early 20's. I cut Ms. Torres a little more slack because more time had elapsed, however, melanoma is still some serious shit and I think pignancy would be ill-advised in either situation.

Dying to have loaves and possibly leaving them motherless. But we are the selfish ones?
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