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Visit with Loafly

Posted by starlady 
Visit with Loafly
April 19, 2017
Well.. it didn't end up too badly but it had a rough start. The kyd was actually pretty good, though, unfortunately, looks like it's moo. Poor kyd..

Anyhow.. it started out before we left the house. I was wearing jeans and a nice top with a black hoodie. I like to wear a cute ball cap for casual occasions ... especially when I have not bothered too much with my hair that day (and loafly, nephew and Harpi were not the occaision for curlig irons and stuff)
I have this cute hat... black with multi color paw prints on front and across the bill. It says; 'All my children have paws'

I grabbed it before we left and dh saw it and said "NO, you can't wear that, it will be insulting'
He said "what if she wore one that said something the opposite on it? Wouldn't you be insulted"
I answered: "You mean something like "All my children came from my twat?" No.. I don't care. She's got the freedom to wear what she wants... and so do I"

We argued about it for a few minutes and I tucked the hat in my bag and we left.

I got a drink with lunch.. but you know these chain restaurants.. they can be a bit light on the alcohol... but it was enough to take the edge off. Dh said later that he was nervous while eating as he did not know what would be coming out of my mouth. Then he said "but you did oay"
I was about to smack him.

Loaf was sitting directly across from me in a high chair. Moo went to start feeding it and I knew I did not want to see the food being spit out and slurped up with a spoon while I was enjoying my salad.. so I kind of picked up the trifold drink menu siting straight up in the middle of the table and looked at it to "check on the name of a drink" and then convieniently put it back on the table sitting up so it blocked my view of Loaf. Worked well. I only had to look at Harpi and Nephew. Loaf was kind of quiet.. never cried or anything. (rare child) I was rather impressed.. except that Harpi is a true moo...'mother obsessed with offspring' Harpi didn't even eat her own food because she was constantly messing around with Loafly's needs. Thank goodness ... there for the grace of doG... you know the rest.

So. after lunch we were going to walk a bit in the outlet mall next door to walk off lunch. First thing Harpi does is look on her phone to find a Groupon for CARTERS CHYLDRENS OUTLET. So we all had to go in there. I hadn't had my hat on till that point.. but at the suggestion that I had to go into 'one of the portals of hell' I donned the hat... and walked on in. OMG it felt strange standing there in the midst of moos with strollers... and baybees making assorted noises and all these little clothes hanging all over the place. YIKES! I could not wait to leave.

Harpi picked out a few outfits for loaf... and then went to another rack for a few more... all the time I knew she was taking extra time thinking we would pick up the cost of a onesie or two. We did not offer. She spent all she had on what she picked out. I think it was 6 or 8 outfits. (little pj's and stuff)

Next we went into Pottery Barn. I was paroozing and she told me she was now looking for some kind of book case with drawers for her livingroom for Loafly's toys and books. (a 6 month old has books?) She found a couple she kind of liked and said "I wish we had more money"
I just smiled and said "Oh, don't we all?"
Not about to fall for that delay tactic she used before to get us to buy them a dresser.
Went into a shoe place and I was trying on shoes and booties... She went over to her size and was trying on some shoes as she wanted a new pair to wear to her mother's wedding. Yeah.. her mother's wedding. She found a cute pair in leather that were only $20.. but ... they couldn't afford them.
Meanwhile I got the cutest pair of suede booties for next winter that were the same price. They were using the delay tactic with the shoes too..but we didn't fall for it.

She didn't say much about the cute Easter Basket I made for them... two mugs for mommy and daddy, some nice candy (not the cheep stuff) and that little gift for Loafly that was done up cute with the 'clean and quiet' tag on it.

So that was basically the day. We did not fall for any of their tactics for pitching in on baybee clothes or furniture or shoes.. nothing.

The kyd was actually well behaved... but she's only 6 months old. It's Harpi who drives me nuts.

That's it for now. Glad it's over. But I know these visits have only just begun. The hat will get worn when we visit. I set dh straight on that. He ended the day by saying how cute I looked in hats. LOL!!
Re: Visit with Loafly
April 20, 2017
Forgot one thing. Pretty funny. We had been seated in the restaurant. Dh got up to go to the restroom and Harpi went back to the car for something. It was me, Nephew and Loafly there at the table. So Loafly was doing what 'moomie' laughingly called 'drop and fetch it' with it's teething ring. She would drop it on the floor and moomie or duhdie would pick it up. Then they'd laugh and smile at the loaf.
So Nephew was saying to Loaf.. "Now stop it (loaf's name) we have to pick it up"

I said to Nephew... "If you keep picking it up she'll keep doing it. Just take it away The floor is filthy anyway."

Nephew said (kind of soft) "you're probably right"


So he did take it from her and put it on the other side of his place at the table.(perhaps not the best place to put it either..eww) Loafly quickly forgot the little 'game'

"oh, it worked" he said with surprise.

Perhaps the CF DO know something about parenting. (called common sense) I sure didn't want to see that 'game' all the way through lunch.
Re: Visit with Loafly
April 20, 2017

Perhaps the CF DO know something about parenting. (called common sense) I sure didn't want to see that 'game' all the way through lunch.

Oh, I know, it's incredible how formally normal people can't figure the simplest thing out. I've seen many parents play this fetch game. The answer is obvious. I figured some of this stuff out in my teens, while moomies and grannies would play the stupid game and then complain about it. I'd give a suggestion, it would work, and the moomies were actually resentful that I ended up being right.

I distanced myself from many childed friends once I saw they let a child control them. I feel bad for doing it, but my whole outing w/ a friend is not gonna be controled by a child playing a fetch game. If friend is stupid enough to parent like this, I'm not gonna stand witness to it. See these friends once a year at most. But they don't miss me, as they probably are still bizzy repeatedly fetching a toy for Bratley off the ground
Re: Visit with Loafly
April 20, 2017
and so often when we CFs point out the obvious, we get a response that's some version of "well, you have no kids, so don't talk to me". One longtime friend spawned and then , admittedly, had terrible things happen out of her control. But then she HAD to make so many bonehead decisions raising the kid(alternately adoring and kvetching at him always, letting him drink at home from around the age of 12 [presumably small amounts,but] , giggling about him smoking pot in the back yard with his friends, allowing him to drop out of school to be "home schooled"["oh, but he hasn't ever been willing to do any work for ME"].etc etc). Now that he is over 21 and non-functional due to the predictable results of all this....she blames herself and "wishes someone would have told me". It's hard to see a friend self destruct and destroy the kid's life.
Re: Visit with Loafly
April 20, 2017
Your husband's reaction to your hat reminds me of something mine would do. His attitude is along the lines of, "why not just live your life, why does everyone need to form a community around every little thing." He doesn't like it when I use message board slang/references in regard to CF or anything else. Well, I disagree, obviously. I think when you have made a life choice that is non-mainstream, like being CF, it is definitely a good thing to escape and speak with people who "get it" from time to time.
Re: Visit with Loafly
April 22, 2017
We wouldnt need a community if parunts just lived their lives and didnt bother us all the time to join in on the misery, and didnt become so entitled in recent years.
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