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Moo nurse dies 20 hours after birth

Posted by cfdavep 
Moo nurse dies 20 hours after birth
May 16, 2017

People on the comments are blaming how moos today have to work to pay for the sceamers so their health is more likely to be on the line with the moos being older and more likely to find out the hard way they have diabetes etc. The duh was legally married again two year after they put her in the ground and someone pointed that out, they were jumped on and told "people grieve in different ways" More like he needed someone for the cunt work and some women just love the idea of a poor grieving duh to rescue.
Re: Moo nurse dies 20 hours after birth
May 16, 2017
Another fine reason to never get fucking pregnant: there are conditions exclusive to pregnancy that can kill your ass. And WTF is this shit about Moo being "healthy?" If she had preecclampsia, she was not healthy. Just because a health problem goes undetected doesn't mean it's not actually still there, though I admit it does sound like there was some medical negligence going on.

And yeah, Duh didn't want to be bothered with any actual parenting because that's women's work, so he just went out to find someone to raise his kid for him. I'm sure they'll have One Of Our OwnTM soon enough and the half-orphan will be nothing but a footnote in Duhddy's Life Script.
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