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Local tomcat killing - apparently, he didn't want to be a step-Duh

Posted by Cambion 
Local tomcat killing - apparently, he didn't want to be a step-Duh
May 18, 2017
I don't want to include any links because I don't want to give away my location. This is something that happened last year and the killer is finally going to trial this year. The condensed version of the story is the guy (not the kid's biological father) was engaged to the kid's mother and proceeded to sexually assault and then kill his fiance's one-year-old when she wasn't home. An autopsy found the poor kid had a lot of bleeding in its brain, suggesting that blunt force trauma and shaking contributed to or directly caused the kid's death. The killer's sperm was also found in various orifices on the kid and on the kid's clothes at the time the body was found. (Edit: I was mistaken about this part - semen was found on the victim, not in them.)

So if the guy was that off-put by having to raise some other guy's brats (Moo and Bio-Duh also have a toddler), why didn't he just leave the Moo? After two kids, I can't imagine the pussy was THAT good that it was worth sticking around for. Also, Moo and Bio-Duh share a last name, meaning they were married at some point (or are related - given where I live, either one is possible), meaning that fewer than two years had elapsed between the time of their divorce and Moo getting engaged again. My guess is she wanted to find a new wallet ASAP to help pay for the brats (or allow her to be a long-term SAHM) and just shacked up with the first guy willing to give her a chance, meaning that there was most likely minimal to non-existent quality control in regard to her choice of a partner. In spite of the divorce, it did still seem like Bio-Duh played an active role in his kids' lives, so I don't think he left because of the kids. Apparently, he suspected his ex's new fiancee was abusing the kids and reported it to CPS, but they basically told him, "STFU, how would you even know when you don't live with them?"

A family member set up a GoFundMe page for the costs of the funeral and people are shredding someone in the comments for saying that nobody should be donating when the kid died due to parental neglect. Bio-Duh seemed completely heartbroken by the loss of his child, but Moo stood by her may-unn in typical misguided form, claiming that there's no way it could have been anything other than a natural death. Huh, I had no idea that brain hemorrhages and skull fractures could be idiopathic!
A natural death, with sperm in the orifices?!?!?

This wasn't that he didn't want to raise someone else's kid, or else simple murder would do.
Yeah, I'm guessing this guy wanted to be with this woman BECAUSE she had this small child. He was looking for easy prey

"If you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby. And don't think maybe, if you can't feed your baby."
- The wisdom of the late Michael Jackson
"The mother of the year should be a sterilized woman with two adopted children." - Paul Ehrlich
Yeah, I'm guessing this guy wanted to be with this woman BECAUSE she had this small child. He was looking for easy prey

Yeah...simply not wanting step-kids might make you cruel to them, force them to stand behind the couch in pictures or insist they be sent to boarding school. Garden variety "jealousy and resentment towards kids from a previously marriage" does not lead you to behaviour that leaves semen in various orifices.
That's no tomcat killing. That's a psychotic beast who probably sought out a gullible single mom so he could victimize her kids. Someone who didn't want to raise someone else's kids wouldn't bother with the sick sexual stuff.
Just saw the assbag's mug shot - several tear drop tattoos that are obviously not fresh, so the guy must have done time before he got his hands on this kid. Also, somehow, for raping and killing a child, he's only getting 30 years maximum.

There's no way this Moo couldn't have known this guy was trouble, but my guess is she just didn't give a shit about the danger she was putting her kids in because her need to have a cock inside her trumped her children's safety.
Evil POS deserves the chair. I wish there are things I could un-know, like they found semen in the kid's body orifices.

I went looking for the article but unfortunately there is no shortage of boyfriends killing kyds from a previous relationship, such as this article where a Tomcat and the kyd's mother beat a three year old kid to death, complete with the mom defending her 23 year old killer son as "a good boy" whom she says is "being railroaded."

Here's a quote from the story above:


The victim's father, Loren McMillan, has been living out of state but is traveling back to the area, according to officials and relatives.

Wow, how very big of him to get his ass back to the state where his kids are. According to the article, the Dud had a 3 year old and a six year old kid with the Moo. He moved out of state a year before the younger one was murdered. Other family members admitted they hadn't seen the kid for a year.

The people in all these stories are evil, but as long as Duds think it's okay to leave their kids with their baby mamas and not stick around to raise them, this shit will continue.

I don't mind for paying for an educated populace (to a point) but the cost of the family court system and the criminal justice system are staggering. The rest of the population gets the tab.
Just saw the assbag's mug shot - several tear drop tattoos that are obviously not fresh, so the guy must have done time before he got his hands on this kid.

Oh, pish. Anyone can get teardrop tattoos put on, they don't mean a damn thing. My sixteen-year-old nephew (one of the Three Feckless Ne'er-Do-Wells) had a friend tattoo him with a guitar string and ink, and he got three teardrops tattooed on his face because he thought it made him look cool and tough. The immediate result was that he had to wear a bandaid to cover them each time he saw his grandparents (my folks) or went to a job interview. Pure silliness.
@skyeyes, that is also a distinct possibility. I know most people get tear drop tats in prison, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see some douchebags getting them for fun so they look like tough guys. But according to one source I read, the guy is, in fact, an ex-con, so they might be prison tats after all.

I think I misread parts of the stories - the killer's semen was found on the victim, but not in any bodily orifices. Still, there's no fucking reason it should have been anywhere near the kid, so he probably just pulled out to prevent his load from incriminating him in the event anybody investigated, but wasn't smart enough to wash the stains off. I also wonder if he ever went after the older child - I didn't see anything in any of the articles on this case that suggested he may have also abused the victim's sibling.

But if he wanted to sexually abuse the kid, why would he kill it? That doesn't seem conducive to a pedophile's intentions, but from what I've read, it doesn't sound like he meant to kill the kid. My guess is the kid wouldn't stop crying, so he smacked/shook it to make it shut up and was too rough, which caused the fatal head injuries. This is pretty typical in cases of infant death from shaking.

@bell_flower, PM me and I can let you know more specific details if you want to read more about it (there are TONS of articles about the case). This goes for anybody else too. I just didn't want to share my location publicly and also changed some minor details a little to make where I am less identifiable. Sorry for being so weird about it - I was doxed on a CF site once before and it kind of made me learn to be more careful about what I share with everyone.
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