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so happy! "Pit Bulls and Parolees" rejects Moo and Turdleigh

Posted by reeniebessagain 
so happy! "Pit Bulls and Parolees" rejects Moo and Turdleigh
August 05, 2017
single Moo brings "really intuitive" 5 year old hellion to adopt dog. Tia brought out the dog she considered to be the most accepting and durable dog, and you should have seen it! Moo is saying "Turdleigh stop! Turdleighstopturdleighstopturdleighstop" and the brat doesn't lose a step. Miss Manners would have been so happy if Tia had politely asked "does he have some hearing loss?". She had the most pained look on her face. Turdleigh is bouncing off the walls, hurling the toys at the dog's head,and never listening to a word Moo moos! Moo sits there with a tranqued-up semi smile on her face . Eventually, Tia asks for a night to think about the possible adoption, then brings them back and says"Not here--not this year"
Gotta say the show producers helped make the kid look as bad as he was by speeding up the film--showing him screeching around at double speed. For once a TV show stands up to out of control breeders! uh oh, here comes another family of breeders with toadlers!!
Re: so happy! "Pit Bulls and Parolees" rejects Moo and Turdleigh
August 06, 2017
I'm going to take a good guess what would have happened if the moo and toadler and adopted the dog...

1.) It would end up coming back to Tia anyway.

2.) Would end up chained up in the back yard, lonely and neglected.

3.) Be put down either by cops or a vet.

They would claim the dog is 'too aggressive' when it was just defending itself against a toadler it doesn't want climbing all over it and pulling on its skin, ears or tail.

It would become aggressive from being chained up and neglected that it would have to be put down because the dog, being alone, would never be socialized enough with other animals, including humans.

Again, the breed would get blamed, not the breeders.

They are having children for selfish and narcissistic reasons, or are simply irresponsible. Funny... Those are the terms often used to describe the CF

~Live, Laugh, Love~
Re: so happy! "Pit Bulls and Parolees" rejects Moo and Turdleigh
August 06, 2017
Good lord, that child must have either had some bizarre brain problem or zero parenting. I'm gonna go with the latter. That kid was FIVE, and what you describe sounds like a two year old. Fuck that noise.

creativelycf, you left out one end result: the mom would blame Tia for giving them a "vicious dog not suitable for a famblee", and possibly try to sue.
the zero parenting part was pretty clear. It drives me SO nuts to see these despicable parents all over the place! Babbling "instructions, demands and corrections" at their brats non-stop, while the kid ignores them. And never a constructive response--such as grabbing the kid (calmly) by the arm and saying "do what I'm telling you or ...." as most of our parents would have done. Anyone who has a DOG knows you don't repeat commands more than once! They are just so LAZY. They want the "status baybbee" without having to do any of the "too haarrdd stuff" like actual parenting. Just give in to every whim and then wonder why it's a brat! Everyone ends up suffering. Little kids NEED structure and rules--not "my best friend"s.
I am lazy too---no energy to entirely devote myself to the well being of a sprog. So, I took measures to NOT have one.
I work at a boarding school where they send them at great expense when their "efforts" fail. They claim to want the structure for the kids, and then hit the roof when bratleigh calls and complains that he got punished. The school wants the enrollment $$ so they capitulate, and therefore, teachers and staff are going nuts because everything falls apart and there are very few standards enforced anymore!
I used to actually like watching those Nanny 911 shows. For one thing , I could gloat that I didn't have a brat. But, also, you saw the parents AND the brats get their comeuppances.
Re: so happy! "Pit Bulls and Parolees" rejects Moo and Turdleigh
August 06, 2017
I just love how breeders come up with endearing ways to misuse language in order to describe their rotten little monsters. The child isn't "undisciplined" or "bratty" or "spoiled," but rather, he's "spirited", "autistic", "intuitive" or "creative". No, the kid is just a brat who needs to get its ass beaten red.

I've never seen this show, just heard of it, but good for them for not giving these retards a dog that they'd inevitably neglect or kill. I don't think that certain breeds of dogs are more vicious than others and I know pits get quite possibly the worst rap ever as far as dog breeds go because they're a common choice for use by humans for violent things. But if this poor dog had dared act like a dog and defend itself against a feral brat (or even just looked at the kid wrong), I'm sure Moo would be all too happy to trot out the "vicious beast" card and how the show knowingly gave her precious dumpling a killing machine and then she'd sue the show, petition to kill all pit bulls and basically do everything except take responsibility for her own poor parenting.

Unfortunately, there's no way to stop this stupid cunt from getting a dog from someone else. Maybe she didn't get one on national television, but somebody out there always has free puppies that they'll give to anybody and I'm sure she'll bring Bratleigh a helpless puppy to use as a punching bag soon enough.
actually, in this case, the dog was not a pittie. They have so many dogs dropped on them because of their fame and the severe need in New Orleans, that they now have all kinds. This idiot MOO travelled all the way from, was it(?)..Boston or somewhere up north to adopt a dog. She also must have promised the sprog that they would be going home with a dog. Even though the show trades muchly upon (correctly) physically GOING TO the home to check it out before delivering custody. The Moo had been saying "we are so happy we'll be going home with a dog" etc. So of course the demon was whining when they had to leave without a dog. Thanks, "excellent Mom" as she claimed she was.
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