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More local examples of stellar parents/children: Teen tried to rape and kill a hospital employee, guys who raped and killed a young girl, guy with several hundred child rape charges and a Duh who fled an accident scene, leaving a kid in the car

Posted by Cambion 
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with where I live? These are all stories from within the last couple of weeks. Again, I don't want to give a specific location or names for any of these, but if anyone is interested in more information, a Google search should bring up plenty of results.

Story #1: A future teenage cancer curer at the local psych ward tried to kill a staff member, knocked them out and tried to rape them (maybe not in that order). Of course, because it's Just a ChildTM, the monster's name isn't being released publicly, but he is being charged with attempted murder and attempted rape. When people aren't even safe from this piece of shit in the psych ward, he's beyond hope and just needs to get taken out back and shot.

Story #2: Two upstanding male citizens decided to rape an 11-year-old girl (she was the half-sibling of one of the attackers' children) and then they killed her during the assault. Nobody knows yet if the murder was intentional, but judging by how she was killed, my guess is they were trying to make her stop screaming/fighting and killed her by accident. The rapists were described in the news as being lovers, which makes me wonder what a couple of gay guys could possibly find attractive about a pre-pubescent girl.

When they realized they'd killed the victim, they called 911 and reported that they just found her cold and dead, thinking that a coroner wouldn't find their DNA in/on her body.

Story #3: Local human cesspool has 300 (yes, three HUNDRED) sexual assault charges brought against him after repeatedly raping the same child for an extended period of time, happening “several times a week” during the school year and on a daily basis during summer vacation (so the victim was school-aged). I don't know what relation the guy was to the kid, but given that he had such easy access to the victim, I'm going to assume it was the kid's father/step-father/Moo's boyfriend.

Story #4: Dad of the year on parole with a suspended license refuses to stop for the police (I don't know why they were pursuing him), leads them on a chase, hit a tree and decided to flee on foot, leaving a toddler behind in what remained of his car. The news didn't say if it was his kid or not.

I know the road he crashed and fled on - it's all farm area and forest, so he has plenty of places to hide. He's currently wanted by the police. As an aside, I love to speed down that road, so I'm glad I know now that the police hang out in that area and I should probably not do 40 over the speed limit any more.
The local psych ward kid could easily be the future of any kid who is born to a geezer mother or has known in utero issues. But no parent is guaranteed exemption from it happening. And this is the outcome.

If the men in story #2 attacked one of their half kids then imagine what most likely went on with their daughters and/or sons. No telling how many lives they have permanently destroyed. But since they are both absolute idiots bordering on morons, maybe some of their kids managed to escape unscathed.

For #3 since he wasn't the primary parent, where was a parent and how did he/she not notice anything about the 300 sexual assaults? Perhaps the parent is in a coma and that is how this happened. eye rolling smiley

Guess #4 decided abandoning the toddler would slow down the police. Separating himself from the child may be the most intelligent thing he has accomplished in his life but I highly doubt he had the best interests of the child in mind.
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