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Movie: What Happened to Monday?

Posted by freya 
Movie: What Happened to Monday?
August 26, 2017
It is a movie about a futuristic world (hostile of course) where everyone is limited to one child because of resource depletion and overpopulation. It is extremely crowded all the time, most people are poor and they are eating rats to survive despite the 1 child policy. It is set in a post-holocaust environment. I'll let you guess what the sides are.

Also worth noting is it is a man of advanced age (their grandfather) raising septuplet girls! Because raising brats is so easy and inexpensive that every 65 year old should have 7 to raise single-handedly without any help.

Note that the only developed characters are the grandfather and septuplets and of course they are persecuted. All the ones enforcing the 1 child policy are ebbbill. So ebbiiilll for not wanting to overpopulate the earth or live in poverty.
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