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Why am I not surprised...

Posted by mr. neptune 
Why am I not surprised...
October 01, 2017
New study says men have post partum depression. If I had to face a life of diapers, diapers, car seats, potty chairs and baby in front carriers, I would be pretty depressed too.

Re: Why am I not surprised...
October 02, 2017
Sadly it is very easy to oops a man, by arranging a tiny hole in the condom.


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Re: Why am I not surprised...
October 02, 2017
I feel quite sorry for modern dads in some ways after seeing the experiences of some of Mr Yummy's friends. Not only are they expected to go out and earn the money so Moo can stay home and go to baby yoga or whatever, they are supposed to go to work sleepless after doing their share of the night waking feeds and changes, give up all their hobbies because faaaaaaambleeeee, give up their bed and their partner because Moo has to co-sleep, and hardly ever socialize with anyone who doesn't have brats. Basically they're only let out of the house to go to work and wanting to do anything else is selfish.
Re: Why am I not surprised...
October 03, 2017
I know, what I watched men do at my office in the late 80s and early 90s compared to now is absolutely hilarious. Now, if dud is in shape, instead of working out after work or on weekends, they ....wake up at 3-4am to get to the gym at 5a to workout before work, so they can be home for Bratley and Bratlina right on time sharp.

My Physical Therapist permanently cancelled his Saturday appointments to 'help' with the kids on weekends, (he only worked half a day anyway). How old are his kids? like 12...they probably are 14 now. OH and mostly he has really early appts during the week anyway, like 4a to 11a, so he's HOME most of the week anyway! What can't moo do for herself???? I swear now two adults and the grandparents take off work to drive kids to ballet and karate class. The whole fucking world is coming to a halt over brats' shitty half-useless activities.

My biggest pet peeve about modern parenting is the kids ARE their life instead of being PART of their lives. And this is the new norm, for 'better parenting than the old school days' But the kids don't grow up and all are on anxiety meds, and live in the basement w/ superior attitudes, so I dont see how this helped.
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