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A case for mandatory parenting classes?

Posted by ondinette 
A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 20, 2017
Recently I stopped at a Walgreens for a few things. A moo and brat were arguing in the toy aisle. Brat looked about 4 or 5 years old, not sure. Brat kept screaming he wanted a toy and Moo kept telling him she didn't have money, she would buy him a toy tomorrow, and it was time to go. After a couple minutes she said "you can have this $1 toy, but I don't have enough money for anything else". I actually said out loud "don't give in to him" (but not loud enough for her to hear). Of course Brat was not satisfied and they kept having the same argument. It was clear Moo really wanted to smack him but thought she shouldn't. When I got to the cash register the brat was screaming blue murder. I couldn't see if Moo finally smacked him or not.

If I had acted that way when I was his age (mid 1970s) Mom or Dad would have smacked me and dragged me out of the store, and everyone around would have been glad they did it. And I would not have gotten any fucking toys for a long time.

If the moo in Walgreens had started training her kid to behave as soon as he could walk and talk he would not be such a little shit. Just calmly refuse to give into the kid's demands, don't keep arguing with them, and take them outside if they make a fuss. It's not fucking rocket science.

I don't really favor mandatory parenting classes because the government is already intrusive enough. But so many brats could be prevented if the parunts had half a fucking clue what they were doing. That stupid moo deserves a brat, but the random strangers who will encounter him don't. Maybe there could be strongly suggested parenting classes?
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 21, 2017
In addition to the obvious failure, this teaches the kid to spend money on something it can afford now, rather than saving for something it really wants. That cheap toy has probably already broken, yay, more for the landfills!

I hate that mindset of consumerism, wastefulness, and complete lack of thrift.
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 21, 2017
She's teaching him some reaally bad habits there, plus it looks like a sign that he has no respect for for her authority as a parent. He's learned she's a pushover, and that he can get whatever he wants, even if 'she can't afford it.' It's slowly creating an entitled monster, because parents these days think giving a kid everything it whenever it wants = love.
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 21, 2017
Meanwhile, it’s four days before Christmas, when I’m sure the child is going to be receiving plenty of toys. Why give in?

This is precisely what happens when breeders don’t assert themselves as the child’s authority figure right off the bat. You can’t come in later and expect the child’s obedience.

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- Garrett Hardin

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Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 21, 2017
I think I heard back in the day, from other parents in the stores, "you don't get something everytime we go out" and the seasonal one,"Santa's coming in a couple days, He's gonna bring you stuff that you asked for, he's checking his list"
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 21, 2017
Years ago, when I went to college, I took about a dozen courses about normal child development, abnormal development, child psychology, communication, etc.

One of the courses was Parent Effectiveness Training

In my opinion, the world would be a better place if all parents took similar courses *before* they has kids.
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 22, 2017

In my opinion, the world would be a better place if all parents took similar courses *before* they has kids.

First, the parents would need a brain cell to absorb the info. I do think parenting should require a licence.


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Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 22, 2017
frankly, they should have courses before they even breed to make them see breeding isn't all kodak moments.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children
and I defy anyone to prove me wrong:

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet I'll put shoes on my pets.

Mankind and its needs (wants) are like unto a black hole. It devours all available resources and it never is full: it merely grows larger and demands more.

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Someone pointed out that I'm a realist. And all along I thought I was just a pessimist crossed with a cynic.

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"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.
Add to this that, many of those who refuse or are unable to prove they are
citizens, will receive free insurance paid for by those who are.""

I am confused enough already. I do not need outside help.
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 22, 2017
Yep, I got myself into 2 child development classes per day when I was a sr in hs. (had all my credits and needed the 2 classes to fill the day) At the time I just assumed I'd have a couple kyds one day. As the class went on... and we learned about child birth and all the normal and abnormal behaviors .. AND ran 2 pre school classes per day... I had learned enough that I decided NOT to follow the lifescript. Chylded friends wonder how I know anything about kyds when I don't have any. I tell them that I learned enough about them in my CD class that I made the educated choice not to have any. So.. classes can work. Either the class helps one decide to be CF or you know just what to expect and how to deal with it. Yes, I do remember the discussion on 'tantrums'. The recommendation was always 'remove the child from the situation asap.'
Re: A case for mandatory parenting classes?
December 23, 2017
as in the old country song--"sometimes I thank god for unanswered prayers"! In high school and early college, I thought I wanted to be a head-start teacher. I took a bunch of early childhood devel and ed classes too.I slowly evolved to realize that I didn't have the emotional and physical resources to spare to raise a kid or deal with kids in my job.Not to mention never a sane stable mate for long enough to be tempted to breed.
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