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The ups and downs of a holiday vacation

Posted by freya 
The ups and downs of a holiday vacation
January 01, 2018
Flying on Christmas eve there were very few kids with exception of a tiny baby who was very quiet. I'm guessing people with kids probably fly out sooner than 9 pm on Christmas eve.

Spent Christmas on the boardwalk in San Diego. Perfect weather but the boardwalk was surprising crowded and most of the stores were open. Positive it is because the boardwalk has lots of nearby hotels. A little too touristy and stroller happy. Too many brats chasing the birds around.

Stayed at a Hostel. Had thought a Hostel was for teens to young 20 year olds but as it turns out most of the visitors were at retirement age. No kyds at the Hostel and at $80 a night for a private room it was a bargain.

12/26: snorkeling at La Jolla. Enjoyed the day but too touristy and lots of strollers everywhere.

12/27: San Diego Zoo. This experience contains lots of ups and downs. I knew this was going to be problematic (holiday weekend at the Zoo) but wasn't sure if I will have another opportunity to do much in touristville. Usually I avoid touristville when vacationing because it equals breederville.

Seeing the new leopard who had just been released from quarantine 2 weeks prior was amazing. The kitty played, stretched and chewed on a bone for over 20 minutes. He also ran at the monkeys next door who were antagonizing him because they knew he couldn't touch them. It was his first appearance as he has been very shy and the keeper brought him out by connecting a cow femur to a tree so he couldn't hide to eat.

The reptile exhibit: this is the one where little boys become complete douches. I was poked by at least 6 brats who expected me to give up my spot so their crappy asses could see the exhibit because moo and duh haven't taught them to wait their turn and because boys love reptiles, don't ya know? All of the brats I ignored. None were allowed to take my spot or stand in front of me. Pull that crap on your parents. Step on their toes, not mine. Yes, bratz. Adults who pay to go to the Zoo may actually want to see the animals and some adults despise little rude children who have no manners or class.

The entry lines: one huge line that was about 1/4 a mile long. I look over and see another tiny line called Self-Service. Wasn't sure if I could get in the park or not via this line but the wait was 5 minutes and well worth a shot. As soon as I walked over to the line literally 30+ people left the other line and were behind me. I waited 5 minutes and was next to buy tickets. A man and his crossed eyed looking kid who appeared to be mentally challenged (teen?) came rushing over (both obviously very well bodied) bypassing the line and the man was waving his hands around at the zoo person who was supervising the line. Oh noessssss, this couldn't be a diversion pity tactic where he attempts to skip the line and pay immediately could it? Obviously they had their gimmick down and I would guess more than one sucker has fallen for it. Ignoring them, I step up very quickly to the machine and purchase the tickets. Not sure what happened afterwards but I believe there is a special place in hell for people who feel entitled to skip ahead in lines because of kyd.

Seeing the animals was bliss. Walking around the park was breederville and if it wasn't kyds running around and jumping under adults feet then it was strollers everywhere (even though most people have no memories before age 3, drag those baybeez to the zoo). Or it was famblees who thought it sensible to walk with 6 or 8 people across the wide sidewalk so that traffic from the other direction was halted.

12/28:Museums: Apparently breeders have no interest in museums because there was hardly any to be seen. A few brats were there are were touching paintings and priceless Mayan artifacts. Stupid brats, if you're old enough to go to a museum then you're old enough to not touch anything. I would have said something but it isn't as if the museum is going to throw out precious brats.

12/30:After returning home, went to see the latest Star Wars movie. The theatre is 21+, offers alcohol and food and no one under the age of 21 is admitted. It was so crowded when we arrived at 7:00 p.m. that we had to look for 5 minutes for a spot. Apparently lots of adults want a childfree spot to watch a movie, order a drink or eat. It was relaxing and one of the best experiences I've ever had at a theatre.
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