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Negligent Moo gets $200Kblue hangover face

Posted by nokidsandhappy 
Negligent Moo gets $200Kblue hangover face
March 02, 2018
Udder rubs galore for PNA moo

Basically Moo gives her social media trophy a small, choking ball to her crotch nugget, and it promptly Darwinises itself. Queue the social media udder rubs, and $200K GofundMe to 'help look after ME and MY expectant 4th sluice'. Yep, if the kid didn't Darwinise itself, that would've been kid #5.

Looks like Moo has hit the grief jackpot, but did I mention she runs a children's toy business, so they are regulated not to sell small choking items to young nuggets? She would know very well about giving choking items to young brats.
Cough PNA???

Of course, no questions on her negligence, only social media udder rubs and cold hard cash!
Re: Negligent Moo gets $200Kblue hangover face
March 02, 2018

This beautiful family need time to mourn and surround each other in love, without having the financial burdens of daily life and work commitments weighing on their minds.

It's sad that the kid died but accidents and death are part of life. Thanks to the internet, every adverse occasion is now a reason to beg for money on the internet to "help someone cope" with X. What was this family's plan for emergencies before this happened? Right they didn't have one.

ETA: And when I read a statement such as, "The family is living a nature-based lifestyle," my first thought is, rank-smelling people with a house that smells like stale breast milk and baby shit. two faces puking
Re: Negligent Moo gets $200Kblue hangover face
March 02, 2018
Yes, they absolutely need time to mourn. By all means, see a grief counselor. Get your shit together before you birth that next little mistake, because it didn't ask for any of this.

But that grief counselor isn't gonna charge you 200K. Nice try, parents.
Re: Negligent Moo gets $200Kblue hangover face
March 04, 2018
$200K? What about the other 99% of the population who receive $0 when a loved one dies?

All that money.... and the recipient doesn't feel an ounce of guilt?
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