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Moo sets up GoFMe for psycho meth daughter

Posted by cfdavep 
Moo sets up GoFMe for psycho meth daughter
March 13, 2018

I guess the girl ripped her own eyes out in some psycho Christian religous moment brought on by a meth habit.
Moo says the she-sprog needs the $$$ for a pricey seeing eye dog and will have to support her until disability kicks in. Moo will probably support her until the nursing home or death and then she will be on SSI for her blindness unless she learns braile and gets some type of job. A lot of people are saying that she should not get a dime as this horror was self-inflicted, but tardos will feel sorry for her and she will get the $$$
Re: Moo sets up GoFMe for psycho meth daughter
March 13, 2018
Disability? So, tax payers who actually work and contribute to SSI for retirement are funding this tard's meth mishap for disability? This is disgusting! If anyone is curious as to why SSI is nearly broke, just look at all these types. They're wasting your money on these people.

If the idiots want to pay $50K for a dog they can waste their money. At least it is optional, unlike rewarding her stupid behavior with disability money.
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