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Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)

Posted by Gigabyte 
Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)
September 25, 2008
For recent months and my previous topic. I was trying to find some information about why in hell on earth that 3rd world and mostly India always breed out kids resulting with these mutanat-alien-look-a-like beings aka Deformed babies.

Some mentioning about Nuclear waste which cause by modifying DNA in India which mixed the gene pool in those poor countries.

Now I tried to look so hard on the internet for information about the causes of this defored kids but all I see and hear is gift from god or recarntion or some sort and disturbing pictures from hell.

I also going to make this topic a rant because all I see is scary pictures around those sites and it get more and more disturbing the pictures. On top of all of this is that Pro-life want to keep these alien-mutants and want them to give them normal life. I say BS.
How the hell that these deformed mustants get a normal life? They can't. It costs a hell of money in 5 to 6 figures and drug up to life with countless surgery.

Try and google Deformed babies on images and see all the most disturbing footage.

Why don't these people just abort these deformed child and let them die in dignity instead of put these deformed babee into this hellhold shit-hold aka this f-up world we live in.

I think it's time to sterilized the dam country completly, then disinfect the whole country completly before they start breed again. Infact stop breeding completly until the country developed.

This shit cannot go on.
Re: Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)
September 25, 2008
So long as people are ignorant, which will be approximately, oh, (scribbles on back on envelope) forever, anyone who's "different" even in small ways will be ostracized by the lunkhead sector. Not fair, but there it is. To sustain the life of someone born with a deformity can often be cruel in my book, considering that their quality of life will likely be marred by a lifetime of discrimination.
Re: Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)
September 25, 2008
I am quite positive that if I was part of a "spider birth", whether it was the one who birthed it or one of the spider parts, I would not want it/me to live. Even the most rare cases where they are touted in the media as having wonderful lives, like the conjoined at the head sisters where one is a country and western singer,eye rolling smiley they live a rather horrific existence. Now, since those two sisters, "Reba" and the other one, have become somewhat "famous", they do actually seem happy and have good attitudes. However, the little one who has to be rolled around by the normal sized one on a makeshift highchair/wheelchair is riddled with serious health problems. They have publically said that if one dies that they STILL don't want to be seperated. I love each of my sisters dearly, but I wouldn't want my life to end because one of them died and I SURE wouldn't want them to die because I got sick and died.

Just their views on that issue alone, and the fact they they can not possibly ever have privacy, intimacy with another person, or any type of life independent of the other, would be reason enough for me to have never been born. Then there are the young teen conjoined twins who are two seperate people from the waist up, but share two legs, one cooter and reproductive organs, one bladder, and one butthole. How fucked up would it be for ONE of them to get married and have a baybee? Their famblee is breeder happy so that's certainly not out of the question. They can NOT survive a seperation simply because of where they are connected. Another example of nature's mistakes which shouldn't have been allowed to continue.

But hey, it's their life/lives and I suppose if they wanted to they could commit suicide now that they are older. I just don't think that they should have been put into the position to have to live that way in the first place. The MAIN thing I hate about freaks of nature, other than their obvious suffering on some level, is the way the media is glorifying it and making it "cool" to be a spider baybee, FUN to be a midget, or making kyds with 2 heads or no face out to be some poster chyld "for life", regardless of the emotional, physical, or financial cost. All that does is pave the way for others who know during pregnancy they are carrying one of these to have more incentive to let the pregnancy continue.
Anonymous User
Re: Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)
September 25, 2008
I saw the one with the teens -- it always bothers me how completely in denial the parents are; always talking about how 'normal' the conjoined twins' lives are, and how they'll be able to get married and have kids and all that... And they always downplay or completely ignore those moments when the twins are visibly upset at the gawking they get when they're out and about in the non-insulated real world, where people haven't been warned about their deformities and told not to react. THAT is what life is going to be like for them -- and there's nothing 'normal' about that.
On TLC, there was another show called "My Unique Family" about Bree Walker, a woman born with deformed hands that look like lobster claws. She has two teenage kids who were born with the same deformity,even though she was told before the first one was born that if she had kids, they could inherit the same condition.
Re: Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)
September 27, 2008
barbara Wrote:
> On TLC, there was another show called "My Unique
> Family" about Bree Walker, a woman born with
> deformed hands that look like lobster claws. She
> has two teenage kids who were born with the same
> deformity,even though she was told before the
> first one was born that if she had kids, they
> could inherit the same condition.

I saw that one as well as the "lobster man" documentary about the carnival side show celeb from the 50's and 60's billed as "lobster boy". He was a REAL bastard, drunk, and abusive to his entire famblee. Knowing FULL WELL he would likely pass his side show deformity on to offspring and in full cooperation of his mealy mouthed wife, they spawned a few kyds anyway. His son got the lobster hands and one of his daughters got a particularly debilitating and severe form of it where I believe she has hands AND feet like that and is in a wheel chair. Why in the WORLD would a man who lived with a travelling side show WANT to leave his kyds the same lagacy?

Well, he was murdered in the side show trailer park where he lived and I don't think his case has been solved. Rumors among the side show community think his wife killed him or perhaps one of his kyds. At any rate, lobster man is no longer around to pinch people with his sharp claws, which is what they said he did as part of his abuse. He let his "finger nails" grow out and used his lobster hands like pinchers. How gross is that?
Re: Deformed Babies (mostly India & 3rd world)
September 27, 2008
You would think that someone with a deformity such as the "lobster man" would not have wanted any children to go through what he had to go through in life. If I had something such as that, I sure as hell would NEVER, EVER sire kids or birth them. Bottom line: people who have kids when they KNOW there is even a chance of their kids having something like the problem they suffer from is just plain SELFISH. I'd chalk it up to education, but a well-educated, well-to-do man who died in a plane crash back in the 70s had the "lobster claw" deformity, and sure enough, so did his kids. He was very driven and achieved success as a designer, but what is to say that his children could or would be able to have similar success in life?

As for these shows like The Girl With 8 Limbs" and others of that ilk, it is a beautiful example how ignorance and religion (in many cases, the source of the ignorance) have ruined and are ruining the lives of many. I believe in reincarnation, but I also believe in modern medicine. One of the things modern medicine has made safe is ABORTION. It should be used in cases such as these. Trust me, the real world is not going to care about your spayshul snowflake except to stare at it and make fun of it. That's the sad reality, especially in countries where the education level is essentially non-existent. Another beautiful example of human's inhumanity to other humans.
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