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Japan's Rent a Family Industry

Posted by freya 
Japan's Rent a Family Industry
April 24, 2018
This needs to become a trend in the US: "https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/04/30/japans-rent-a-family-industry"

Imagine if a person could rent a family member with specific requests when wanted, pay some money then the "family member" leaves once the agreement ends. The teenage daughter who ran away at 15? Just rent a teenage daughter of 15 and tell the nice folks how you want the teenage daughter to act and what to say. Pay about $375 and voila! Kodak moments at a small price and everyone is happy! Sounds like a win win to me. Just skip all the unnecessary drudgery. Breeding isn't necessary. And once someone gets their fill of a "family member" they can stop renting one. Desperate for a baby? Rent one until reality sets in and no shame in stopping the rental.

This service goes so far as to create weddings for people which cost around $47K for unfortunate souls who have insistent parents that want them to marry but the son/daughter isn't interested. Everyone but the parents are actors. Can think of much better things to do with $47K but hundreds of people have purchase this so overbearing parents must be a big thing in Japan.

Think this service really has promise in lots of areas! I'd like to see a virtual service available at a monthly fee for people who want virtual reality and rental in one. It could be great therapy for people who've lost a loved one. Especially people who are elderly and don't have any family living with them or their spouse has died.
Re: Japan's Rent a Family Industry
April 25, 2018
Wow, what a concept.openmouthed shock It reminds me of something "Black Mirror" would come up with, but they'd put a dark twist on it of course.
Re: Japan's Rent a Family Industry
April 29, 2018
I think we are dealing with slightly different cultures and likely very different economies. I am not convinced anyone would spend 47k around here (USA) to please the parents unless parents are stupid loaded and have nothing better to do than to blow the money. One can spend 200k on good medical school around here instead.
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