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Is that roadkill I see? NO! It's a baby in the road!

Posted by Peace 
Is that roadkill I see? NO! It's a baby in the road!
September 24, 2018
Because they just looked away for a second!


But please, let's not shame these negligent parents who let their baby crawl into the street! They've suffered enough!


Thankfully, the comments are calling out the parents for the absolute losers they are.

For the record, this is Lakewood, NJ. It's populated by Hasidic Jewish people who crank out a new loaf every year. I'm not surprised they misplaced one. But in the street??

I could say quite a bit about this town, but I'll let you google the shitshow that is Lakewood, NJ for yourselves.
Re: Is that roadkill I see? NO! It's a baby in the road!
September 25, 2018
I don't think I've ever seen a baby do this...

I'm seeing tons of results when searching for welfare fraud Lakewood NJ.
Re: Is that roadkill I see? NO! It's a baby in the road!
September 25, 2018

Welfare fraud is just the beginning. The Hasidics there don't get married by the state. They have a religious marriage without a legal marriage license, which allows the wife to claim she isn't married, thus getting housing, food stamps, cash assistance, utility assistance and whatever other freebies they get. They have at least 5 children or more. Do the math...

The worse is the school situation. They got Hasidics voted on the school board, because they vote as a block. They put all their kids in the public schools, then had the schools to pay for private school tuition because the public schools didn't have the right programs for their kids. It worked down because they controlled the school board, and so approved every Hasidic child for private school on the public dime. So what happened is that the public money that was left was so little that the Latino and Black kids in the public schools were severely shortchanged an education. They also don't pay property taxes because most of them manage to get their house declared a house of worship, thus paying no property taxes. No property tax base, hoards of welfare fraud and a looted school system created lawsuits. Eventually the state came in and told them that what they've done is illegal. It was a big scandal in NJ. They're branching out into nearby towns because all those kids are grown up and now have their own litters to house and feed.

There was this scandal in the public schools with the Hasidic whereby a partitian was installed in every classroom that had Hasidic schoolchildren in it. The girls were on one side, the boys were on the other, because in their ultra orthodox Judaism, the genders don't mix. The state forced the schools to take the partitions down, too. Because this group votes as a block, if you piss off one of them, you piss off all of them and the entire community will vote you out. I don't remember if this was in NJ or in NYC or NYS.

I recently drove through a Hasidic neighborhood, and saw at least 3 toddlers playing in the front yard with each other, running around without adult supervision near a busy road. Others in the family were playing next to their cars on the street.

It is insane.

ETA: the article jolted my memory! Lots of Hasidic kids were being declared special ed, and the town would pay to put them in private Jewish schools. The catch was, they weren't really special ed. By declaring them as such, the schools would be obligated to pay for private school if they couldn't give services in-house. With the Hasidic controlling the Board of Education, every Hasidic kid was labelled special ed, so he could be sent to private Jewish school on the public dime.


And this is why it is bizarre, yet not bizarre to see a baby in Lakewood in the middle of the road. They have so many of them, and the older children watch the younger ones. I'm not surprised that this happened. I'm wondering what took so long for it to be made public.
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