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Missing Autard runs off and causes a national panic

Posted by starlady 
Re: Missing Autard runs off and causes a national panic
October 03, 2018
Not sure what besides the social suffering would make a person choose filicide over relinquishing parental rights.

#1 Never wanting to see your kid again - EVER. For any reason.

#2 Never wanting to be responsible for the kid again ever. As the population surges, more and more sperm and egg donors then ever before are being sued for child support. Signing a piece of paper relinqushing parental rights in the eyes of the law only work up until the laws CHANGE. And laws CHANGE every single day. Laws regarding parental support, are especially flimsy. Don't believe me? Google "sperm" or "egg donor sued for child support". <<< This can't happen when fillicide.

#3 Even if you get away with signing over financial rights and succeed in avoiding your human being for 12-18 years - that does NOT guarantee they won't come knocking on your doorstep later. Or following you on social media. Or blowing up your inbox. Blocking your kid you chose to create through the courts when they're too young to talk is one thing. Telling your own flesh and blood to GTFO face to face after you sentenced them to life before running away might not be as easy.

I probably think of lots of other reasons. Personally, I think sentencing a kid to life, and then abandoning it, is horrible - that's what abortion is for!
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