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Posted by yurble 
November 21, 2018
Did you think we'd cataloged all the ways in which breeders can fuck up their kids? Never fear, they can always come up with some new way to seriously mess their children up psychologically. I have no words.
Re: Rent-a-father
November 22, 2018
Dayym, thats a whole new level of crazy.
Lying like that - for such a long time, for such an amount of money. All that money could've been invested in the kid's education, for example.
I don't even know what to say. Except that it's (most likely) not worth it. Maybe it was positive at some point, short-term, cutting the bullying of that kid at school short or whatever.
But the looming emotional havoc of that massive lie construct being discovered - I wouldn't say it's worth it.
The older that girl gets, the more likely she would start asking deeper questions about that "dad", his "life, when he's away from her". And at some point, the lie would automatically get out of hand.
Besides, with all that daydreaming, that single lady would never find an actual real partner.
Then again, I'm not informed enough about japanese societal culture and the "dating chances" of childed singles there, so not sure on that statement.

And, of course, again the famous "WHEN the girl has kids of her own". Not "if" This ObligationLifeScript thing is so prevalent in all cultures, that it makes one depressed.

Freedom & Art & Music >>>>>>>>>> human spawn

"Music is immortal. People are not."
-William Anger, "King's Story" - Thief2 FM by Zontik
Re: Rent-a-father
November 22, 2018
Long term, this looks like a train wreck coming. But I have to admit I did find it amusing that the actor playing the kid's dad has also played a bridegroom at five fake weddings. Telling your family you didn't really get married at the wedding they attended twenty years ago HAS to be an awkward conversation....
Re: Rent-a-father
November 22, 2018
What if really sperm donor comes forward though? Awkwardddd
Re: Rent-a-father
November 23, 2018
This Moo's intentions seemed good, especially given the stigma in Japan in regard to single parent homes (and I'm sure, much like anywhere else, nobody wants to date/marry a single mother there either). But I don't think she thought her decision out very well. It's a great short-term solution, but it's going to blow right up in her face because the longer it goes on, the more attached and invested her daughter gets in this man who she thinks is her real father.

I suppose if she learned when she was older (like late twenties) what happened, she might understand why her mother did what she did, but it would still fuck this girl up a lot. Not only that this man she'd grown to love wasn't her father, but that he was paid to be there and everything about him and their lives was a lie since he walked through the door. Depending on how bitter the divorce was, I could see the actual sperm donor paying them a visit just to fuck everything up now that this has hit the media (unless the names used are fake).

Meanwhile, Moo sits around hoping that this turns out like some kind of movie where this paid actor falls in love with his character and with his "family" and decides to make them a real family. How does she know he doesn't already have a family? What happens if they see the rented Duh out and about with his girlfriend or wife (or boyfriend, I dunno what he likes), or his own kids if he has them?

I wonder how long they can keep this up and keep lying to the girl. Unlike a lot of skeleton in the closet type secrets, this one costs money. The schadenfreude as far as the Moo would be delicious, but I'd feel awful for the poor daughter. If the guy was a piece of shit, learning he's not her real dad would probably be a relief. If she cares about him, this is something that therapy might not even undo.
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