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Woman dies trying to help "homeless moo"

Posted by cfdavep 
Woman dies trying to help "homeless moo"
December 03, 2018

Moo has either a real sprog or something else wrapped up when a woman, feeling sorry for poor moo and baybee stops to give money at an intersection, the guy who was the duh or posing as the duh goes for her wallet and when she tries to fight him he stabs her to death.
One of the commenters went on about how it cou'd've been her when she realized it was a baaybee.
It think the victim believed there was a sprog under the blanket and just had to help saintly drowntrodden moo when this happened.

I feel awful for the woman, just trying to be kindly and then that horror, best to keep the windows up and keep going
Re: Woman dies trying to help "homeless moo"
December 04, 2018
Once when I was really bored I took several online "how nice are you" quizzes. In all cases I lost points and was rated "not very nice" because I would not help a stranger. Whatever the scenario I chose the Ignore Them option.

Shit like this is exactly why I won't help a stranger. This story is an extreme case, but why risk an unpleasant situation or much worse for trying to do a good deed? I have cats who need me and they are much nicer than most people.

This planet sucks.
Re: Woman dies trying to help "homeless moo"
December 04, 2018
Anymore, it's just plain not worth it to try to help people and be a good Samaritan because there's a good chance something bad will happen, ranging from pissing off the person you're trying to help and getting bitched out to becoming the victim of violence. Instead of being grateful for help from a stranger, people will get mad at you for not doing more or not doing what they want you to do. Like if you try to bring a homeless person a bag of food, they'll throw it at you and bitch that they wanted money, not food, which generally means they want money for booze and drugs.

Obviously there are still people who will appreciate help offered to them, but as usual, a few assholes ruin it for everyone and there's no way to tell if someone will be grateful or if they'll be a douchebag.

Those two pieces of shit are gonna fuck with the wrong person on the wrong day and wind up with bullets in their empty heads, and I won't feel the least bit sorry for them. I'm just sorry that someone had to die all because they were trying to help a stranger. You know how you should help a homeless Moo on the street? Call CPS on her ass.
Re: Woman dies trying to help "homeless moo"
December 07, 2018
Honestly, my Psychology of Sexuality professor back in undergrad outright told us to not help somebody, especially if we’re by ourselves. She was using Ted Bundy as an example where he would pose as an injured man who needed help and that’s how he’d capture his victims.

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Re: Woman dies trying to help "homeless moo"
December 08, 2018
A relative of mine was missing half his thumb. He stopped to pick up a hitchhiker and rolled down the window to talk to him first. The hitchhiker reached over and cut off his thumb with a knife. If he would have opened the door instead of rolling down the window he may have been murdered. Hearing about this was enough to stop any desire in me from being a good Samaritan. I'd rather be alive and intact.
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