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Be glad you don't live in China: pressure to have more kids increased

Posted by yurble 
Be glad you don't live in China: pressure to have more kids increased
December 26, 2018
China wants people to have more children, people are not interested.


One article in Xinhua Daily - by two scholars from Nanjing University - sparked an outcry. They suggested a birth fund be set up, to which everybody below the age of 40 contribute. If a couple were to have a second child, they could withdraw money from the fund; if not, they would have to wait until retirement.

"Fined whether one has a child or not? - please stop targeting people's wallets," was just one of the articles in response to the idea, which has been labelled inconsiderate, unfair and unnecessary.

Some urged the state to address the root cause of why young people don't want more children and try to lower the cost of raising a child, rather than penalising people financially.

Well, at least people would be able to withdraw from the fund after hitting retirement, but who's to say it would remain that way?

As to why people don't want children, it was speculated that:


They are used to being the centre of attention and enjoying much better material wealth and personal freedom.

They are also marrying late (if at all), having children late (if at all), and focusing more on their own careers and happiness, a trend not confined to China.

I see someone had to work in a spoiled brats reference, as if people can't just enjoy more personal freedom and focus on their own happiness.


And this is really what has changed. Individuals happen to be more free-thinking now and independent - and not easily swayed by propaganda or lukewarm incentives.

They live for themselves, not for the country any more.

Good for them.
Re: Be glad you don't live in China: pressure to have more kids increased
December 26, 2018
They've had 30 years of a one child policy. Are the authorities that dumb to think that a generation raised in a one child situation will suddenly start breeding like rabbits?

Good for them. Children are expensive. If one child takes at least 50% of a couple's income then why would any reasonable couple even consider having a second?

They'll soon face a dearth of young women. That's their own problem for venerating The Golden Penis and aborting their female fetuses.
They're already facing a dearth of young women, as the one-child policy kicked in decades ago. Young men have to compete more for wives, and added to that is the fact that young Chinese women aren't as gung-ho to get married as previous generations.
Like if someone grew up as an only child their not likely to suddenly want a brood of kids. What did they expect? Besides AI and robots will make workers redundant in many places.
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