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Stellar parents beat daughter's teacher for taking away her cellphone

Posted by Cambion 
Stellar parents beat daughter's teacher for taking away her cellphone
February 08, 2019

This is a story from 2017, but there was a recent update for it. Anyway, what happened was this teacher tried to take her 10-year-old student's cellphone away and the brat bit her and then went home and told Moo that the teacher tried to choke her. Moo and her boyfriend decide that the most appropriate course of action to take regarding this is to have a conference with the teacher, follow her out to her car, hit her in the face with a brick while she was sitting in her car, drag her out of said car and beat the shit out of her.

For those who have never been to Pittsburgh, this took place on the North Side, which is the ghetto, so this behavior doesn't really surprise me. Someone videotaped the assault and the two idiots were brought up on assault charges. Moo begged to not go to jail because she has chiiiiiildren, and the boyfriend is trying to get an education. Both of them got just a smidgen under two years in jail because the judge gave no fucks that Moo had brats. Should have thought about the chiiiiiildren before you beat this innocent teacher to a pulp, Moo.

What a trashy fucking family. What kind of a feral brat that's old enough to be menstruating thinks it's okay to bite her teacher in response to having her phone taken away (which I'm sure she knew she shouldn't be fucking with in class)? A child that age that does that, I would assume it's retarded. And in typical breeder fashion, the parents completely take the kid's side and make the fully conscious, sober decision to assault the brat's teacher with a brick.
Re: Stellar parents beat daughter's teacher for taking away her cellphone
February 10, 2019
There is trash everywhere and it almost always has brats in tow. Hope the teacher is okay. And hope she is carrying pepper spray/stun gun/something with her at all times. A family member of mine has received death threats as a teacher from a moo. And that is in a tiny town that doesn't have a ghetto. Unfortunately everyone knows where everyone else lives in tiny towns. Bad parenting is everywhere and breeders feel perfectly entitled to take out their frustration on educators if they dare to have boundaries, standards or hold their brats accountable.

Recall clearly how much fun it was to be in the cesspool (AKA school) with these types and no thanks to bringing another human into existence to sit in said classrooms.
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