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More BS at work “we need wipes, there’s a pregnant woman here!”

As you guys might know I work with a pronatslist. This is the guy that “wants a big family,” but doesn’t want to adopt and is always telling gross stories about his loaf. A new guy started and was asking what some of the problems are. One of them that got brought up is that we don’t have disinfectant wipes anymore. One worker used to bring them in when I first started, but she quit. I used to bring them in, for about two months, but I got tired of everyone using 3-6 a day and nobody ever saying thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to be thanked every day, every time someone used one. But a thank you putting one at each bottom desk would have been nice. So now nobody brings them in. Probatslist said “we need to have wipes, there’s a pregnant woman here!” Really? So fuck me, and two of my CL coworkers, right? Because only pregnant women deserve clean workspaces, right? It’s so disgusting. Inpig coworker likes when people make a fuss over it, and it’s sickening. It’s like, don’t you get it? Pronatalists that fawn on pregnant women don’t give a shit about you. They care about your loaf and carrying on patriarchal misogynistic roles. As soon as you calve you’re “just a woman.”

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If the preggo needs wipes, the preggo should provide her own wipes. It's nobody's responsibility to outfit her with wipes. First it'll be that...then it'll be more. Preggo can get her own.


If pronatalist loser wants to provide her with wipes, he can do that at his own time and expense. He can't expect other people to do this.
Gotta love that crap. Someone does something nice, people take it for granted to the point of expecting it, and then bitch when the person providing the supply stops because everyone's an ungrateful asshole.

What does pregnancy have to do with disinfecting things? Being in the general vicinity of a germ won't kill the clump, and if she really is in such a delicate state, Moo needs to stay the fuck home until she calves. I agree with MO6B, you cave and do something nice for the piggo, soon she'll be expecting people to get everything for her and then will cop an attitude when she doesn't get it. It's just like feeding strays - don't do it unless you're prepared to do it indefinitely because they'll come to expect it. Only, you know, stray animals are actually worth feeding.
If Mr. Pronatalist feels that strongly about disinfectant wipes, he can pick up some himself. Problem solved.

Him having a feeling about something does not create an obligation on the part of anyone else.
Nonsense. Can't she use a paper towel w/ water and dish soap? Does just as well. Shouldn't she be exposed to germs to make the immunity stronger? How did pregnant women last all these decades w/o wipes? Does she wipe down her husband and relatives when they come over? Do they use a condom when they have sex during pregnancy? People literally make problems up in their minds.hitting over the head with a hammer

Also, is this an office where everyone shares desk? Maybe preggo can have a desk assigned to her, right by the bathroom. Then she'll only sit by her germs and have a short walk to the John. And, get to hear it flush all day too. LOLL

Yes, unfortunately. It’s a 24/7 operation so everyone shares desks and the desks are always being used. Some people have desks they usually sit in, but for 12-16 hours a day someone else sits there too, since we are fully staffed.

It’s just frustrating. I also would like wipes because some of my coworkers are extremely unsanitary, but I don’t think it’s fair to expect one person to bring them in. Fuck that. I’ve been bringing in my own pack of wipes and hiding them with my lunch. Because you know wipes here are like gum in high school, if you have some everyone is your friend. Pronatalist says he “shouldn’t have to provide them.” Yeah? Well neither should the rest of us. Buy your own or stfu. And if you can’t afford $4-$9 biweekly for wipes, good luck with your kid.

Lock him up or put him down.
Stolen from Shiny.
Yep, BYO is the way to go if the company won't spring for it. If it's important for Mr. ProNatal, he'll find a way to make it happen. Same for preggo lady. I'd continue with what you're doing...bring your own and keeping them in your own briefcase/backpack/locker/whatever.
I hate piggos and their demands. You can bet she'll be bringing her shit factory to work too.


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Exactly...as soon as that fucking clump is out, it'll be hanging round the workplace too, and mr. pronatalist will blow a fuse about how KEWWWWTTTTM the damn thing is...then the shit will get real. And who knows how high the expectations for the cow-catering will be then. Today wipes, tomorrow the world.

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Re: More BS at work “we need wipes, there’s a pregnant woman here!”
March 28, 2019
Maybe have Pronatalist Ted grab a container of soap and some napkins/paper towels from work and put it in the area? I don't see why others should feel entitled to your wipes (or any wipes other than theirs) when there is the free option of soap and paper towels available.

And preggo could carry her own wipes to work. She may as well get used to carting around tons of crap because that is what she will be doing post-sluice.
If you work in a place with traffic then the person who cares the most should make the disinfecting wipes a reoccurring company expense to prevent lost work hours, just slap them on the wall somewhere in a dispenser. I remember hearing a popular personality talk about his time in QA testing (so same setup, with people swapping stations and touching equipment) - when the hand sanitizer and the end of the day wipes were "too much" to pay for the company lost tons of project work-hours from people going out sick. Who likes being sick? But Ted yelling about it is annoying and not solutions oriented.. Tell him to put his money where his mouth is and go to the forefront asking for like an industrial sized tub or shut up you know?

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