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Cracked and parenthood

Posted by cfdavep 
Cracked and parenthood
March 23, 2019

On cracked they are saying, truthfully so that parenthood turns people into massive a-holes who claim to think every guy alone at the mall must be there to personally diddle their crotchfruit and that parenthood, at least in people who don't secretly severely regret them, causes the egotistic desire to cut in any line or be first in anything. Apparently once they have a kid ego control is totally impossible and they are proud of this. Parenthood = shit-bag on legs, what a surprise.
Re: Cracked and parenthood
March 23, 2019
The comments are really telling. One dude admits kids are a ready excuse and hey if you REALLY fuck up, just say your kid was in the hospital. Niiiiiicee.

And the CF person who declined interest in being shafted at work for crap like that was called a self absorbed whiner because everyone is supposed to worship at the altar of your-dick-worked-so-of-course-I-will-take-it-up-the-ass-and-smile, all hail the almighty Parunt.

The article makes some good points about kid educational programming and how vapid it is and how the average stupid parent is a sitting duck for any dumb advertising scheme.

tldr: parenthood is 99% mind numbingly senseless, boring and poverty inducing, might as well get your money back by using them to weasel out of stuff.

Or you can live your life as a C.F. person and things are simpler. I don't "have" to do anything other than to support myself .
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