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Adoptions gone wrong

Posted by Miss_Hannigan 
Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
Just read this excerpt from Reddit and be grateful this will never be you:

"My wife and I adopted 4 brothers 10 years ago (then ages 5-12) and it has been a seemingly everlasting graduate course in mental health, special education, children's rights and laws, restraint (physical and mental) and disaster recovery.

...So as an adoptive parent how would you respond to:

- A nine year old chasing his 16 year old brother with a 14" kitchen knife in his hands because he stole his younger brothers food?

- An out of control 8 year old who when you call the local emergency psych team, who sends out a eval officer who after 15 minutes of interaction the officer runs out of the house screaming "there is nothing I can do here"?

- A 6 year old who goes into great detail about what having sex is and states that he water his parents have sex in the shelter?

- When you figure out one of the kids is injuring the pets?

- You realize that the dog has a sudden fascination and desire to lick penises?

- How do you deal with the bottles of urine in the kids bedroom after they tell you "bad things happen to People who go to the bathroom at night"?

- After finding an eight year old with his penis in his 7 year old brothers butt?

- Being sucker punched by a 180 lb (12 stone) 14 year old who does not want to do chores?

- With a kid who is into deep cutting?

- What do you do with a 16 year old who still sucks his thumb and wets his bed?

- A kid who cannot go into any store without stealing at least one item?

- Roaches and mice overrunning a kids bedroom because the kid stores food in a cutout in his mattress?

- Feces art on the walls

- Urine smell below every window of the kids rooms

- Urine stench in the kids bathroom, due to peeing in the sink, bath tub & floor because they will not flush anthers poop and it stinks when you pee on poop.

- Walking in on a 16 year old having sex with a 13 year old leaving the 13 year old's friend in the 11 year old's room with the instruction " talk dirty to the 11 year old, he likes that"

- Having to lock all rooms and closets that the kids do not require access to

- Finding video of your 15 year old masturbating on his iTouch & the net

I'll stop now, you get the point"


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Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
These idiots brought this on themselves. My sympathy is with the pets.


Passive Aggressive
Master Of Anti-brat
Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
These idiots brought this on themselves. My sympathy is with the pets.

This is exactly where I am. Hurting my pets? Out the door you go, and I don't fucking care who you are or how old.

You know these geniuses had at least some idea of what these psychopaths were like before they signed off on them...no way they thought they were adopting an entire family of well-adapted little angels. They were idiots, and now the innocent pets are suffering. If they're hellbent on raising these walking disasters, they need to get rid of every animal they have and NEVER get another.
Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
I'm upset about the pets too. Fuck the rest of 'em. I imagine that their house will be a tear-down if and when this famblee ever leaves, because the stench of urine and feces will be so bad, nobody will buy the house to live in.
Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
I mean I commend them for trying to give unwanted kids a loving home instead of just crapping out their own, but adoption agencies will lie through their teeth in order to make a sale and you don't know what the fuck you've actually got until you get it home.

Obviously not all adopted children are this fucked up, but it sounds to me like all these kids likely came from an abusive home and continued to be abused/neglected in the system and in past foster homes, hence the sexual behaviors, the violent tendencies, the food hoarding, and the peeing in bottles out of fear of going to the actual bathroom at night. Some of these behaviors can be corrected with hard work, medication, therapy and a fuckload of patience... sometimes. Sometimes you get a kid who's just absolutely FUBAR and no amount of shrinks, spankings, hugs and pills will make them tolerable. In such cases, you gotta pick your battles. Sad as it might be, some of these kids will never get better and you're doing yourself no favors keeping a violent, sexually charged monster in your home to hurt you, your partner, your kids, your pets and anyone else who gets in the way. There's no sense giving yourself to a lost cause.

It sucks enough when a biological kid is a violent bastard, but it's a real kick in the teeth when you spend five figures on someone else's kid and it turns out to be completely fucked up, especially since you can't get a refund if the kid is too nuts to keep around. Though at the very least, you can give back messed up adopted kids. Can't really do that with bio-brats. I mean you can give up biological kids, but you'll get fucking crucified for it.
Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
What Cambion said. At least these people aren't crapping out more fucknuggets themselves, and they may have altruistic notions, but holy shit there are limits.

As I was reading this I thought, the real idiots are the bio-parents. Someone thought crapping out four kids was a good idea, when they probably couldn't even handle one kid, and they were likely drug-addicted losers. (And these kids may have had other siblings.) I wonder how many people were like, "yay, Babies!" Maybe they wanted to grow their own for sexual abuse purposes.

I'll stick to animals, thanks. The average rescue animal is more grateful than some foster kid who has been fucked up from the get-go.
Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 25, 2019
They actually paid for these young wanna-be felons, with tens of thousands of dollars. But it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the future years of payment.
Re: Adoptions gone wrong
March 26, 2019
Kids that were that damaged should have remained in professional 24/7 institutions until whatever progress that professionals could remedy them to an adoptable status that would have been reasonable for all involved.
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