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Pro-Natalism in movies: The Silence

Posted by freya 
Pro-Natalism in movies: The Silence
April 10, 2019
Started watching "The Silence" and stopped after about 19 minutes due to the pro-natalist propaganda:

@ approx. 10 minutes: grandmoo says "I don't want the kids to see. They're all that matters now."
Because adults don't count for shit. But the world is dependent on adults to raise kids. The world doesn't need kids for anything other than sucking resources. So it seems to me that adults are more important than kids.

@ approx. 18 minutes: Woman dies carrying noise maker, they kick her off the train because of it. Any noise brings about the creatures who kill. Newly baked loaves are going to squeal but is there any reason why the woman had to carry the squealer to her death? Why wasn't the baby abandoned to die alone? Reference what the grandmoo said earlier about brats being all that matters. Anyone with a brain in their skull would abandon any noise makers post haste because they are going to die regardless.

Short of the pro-natalist tripe this could be a great movie but I don't care to find out. I'm sure a brat will end up being the hero because that would be a dumb, predictable ending to glorify the breeders and their ilk.
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