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Relative's website-I know it's just PR but....

Posted by cfuter 
Relative's website-I know it's just PR but....
April 26, 2019
one of my IL's is a gum surgeon, and has 5 kids. His bio lists all these kids on the website. He easily takes 2-4 vacations per month, domestic and abroad. He actually lists this as one of his hobbies on his professional website....along with interests in a "green planet". I knew someday my ILs would talk about being green and sustainable.....which is counter-productive when you have five fucking kids......how clueless. If it ever comes up, I could joke w/ him about it....but not the rest of the fam. With the rest of the fam, any idea I convey that is opposite theirs, they take as a full frontal attack. But they live in denial and a lie. People don't like to let the truth in the cracks.

On a separate note, does anyone know why a Professionally done (by an outside source) website refuses to use proper punctuation of apostrophes? I notice this on his website and my vet's website. It is not an oversight. They are dropping all possessive and any apostrophes and using poor grammar. There's not many contractions, but I assume they use it for that. Why do they do this?
Re: Relative's website-I know it's just PR but....
April 26, 2019
I'd need to see the websites to give an answer. But some websites can be temperamental, such as this site when handling URL's for pics.


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