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Article on former mommie blogger who can't deal with praising moohood anymore

Posted by freya 
She called bullshit on mombie blogging publicly and received lots of backlash for doing so:

My favorite part is when she talks about attending a sponsored event from NASA for a rocket launch and was so embarrassed about how the other "influencers" were behaving that she stopped attending the events:

“It was clear that social-media influencers being present was a joke to the rest of the attendees,” says Denise. “The majority of [bloggers] were unprofessional, scrolling through their phones while astrophysicists were speaking, and loudly joking about taking the perfect Instagram selfie in front of the rocket rollout as television crews filmed live astronauts just a few feet away.”

Instagram photos and astrophysics, this had to be a cringe fest for everyone but the mombie bloggers.
Heh heh. Awesome.

I love that she's outing how fake and potentially damaging mommy blogging is. That's what CF people (and a LOT of non-CF people) have been saying for years...that these women don't have the sunny, "blessed" (*shudder*) lives they claim...that their blogging lifestyle is actually creating a detachment between them and their families as they spend all their time staging and curating those "spontaneous" family shots.

The acceptance and even celebration of the mommy blog genre shows how performative parenting has gotten. Ugh.

I'm sure there are lots of husbands and kids of mommy bloggers who fucking hate their mom's "job".
Narcissistic bimbos seeking 'fame' and 'fortune'. Joy.


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