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Sponsored athlete impigs bleat about losing pay while impig

Posted by freya 
Sponsored athlete impigs bleat about losing pay while impig
May 16, 2019
States right in the contract that if they are not able to perform they won't be paid.
Seems pretty obvious, an impig stands a great chance of having days/months of not being able to perform.
Doubt there is a doctor anywhere in the world who says "sure! keep running 4+ hours a day up until the day you sluice and then start again the day after sluicing. Happens every day because pignasty never involves complications. You betcha!"

Also, there are companies that offer short term disability plans that can be used for impigs, so why not plan ahead?
They could even (gasp!) know this dollar amount before negotiating their contract to insure they can cover the premium out of their sponsorship. But I guess it is easier to whine to the public and try to make their sponsorship company look bad after the fact than it is to create a budget like the rest of us yokels do. Then again, current culture is all about who can whine the loudest and play the biggest victim.

And you can bet your bottom dollar if these womben didn't purchase short term disability then they haven't bothered to insure their body parts in case of an injury either.

Imagine the backlash when they become too old to be start athletes, will it be accusations of ageism to their sponsor then? And have they planned what they will do for income once they are too old to compete?

Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/nike-responds-to-backlash-over-maternity-leave-policy/ar-AABm1c4
Re: Sponsored athlete impigs bleat about losing pay while impig
May 17, 2019
Those silly windsocks will never really be able to perform again, so they best get used to poverty.


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