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We need more people like that

Posted by Techie 
We need more people like that
May 25, 2019
I was really pissed when Dodd-Frank act became a law and barred many European financial institutions from doing business with USA residents. One could think that they will just do business online. Not so fast. Those institutions simply don’t take money from anyone with a USA address. Overbearing and overreaching Uncle Sam? You bet. While the law was signed by Obama, useless TrumpAss did ZERO to address it. Bottom line: they ALL play the same game. Assholes. The good news, European financial institutions found work around and are moving in. For those of you who invest, that’s good news, because you don’t want all your eggs in one basket, especially the Wall Street basket.

So, Uncle Sam decided to be an arrogant slave owner again and told a European doctor to stop selling abortion pills to Americans. Thank you, European people, for standing up to the bully. Thank you for supporting women’s rights.



(CNN)A European doctor who provides abortion pills by mail to the United States is defying an order from the US Food and Drug Administration to stop.

"It is very important to continue ... because it is the only safe abortion alternative for some of the most vulnerable people," Dr. Rebecca Gomperts said in an emailed statement. "As a physician, I have the obligation to provide medical care to people in need."
A letter drawn up by Gomperts' attorney was sent to the FDA late last week, offering a formal response to the federal agency, which had asked the doctor in March to "immediately cease causing the introduction of these violative drugs into U.S. Commerce."
The FDA said in its warning letter, "the sale of misbranded and unapproved new drugs poses an inherent risk to consumers who purchase those products." But Gomperts called concerns about the medications she prescribes "totally unfounded" and said the FDA's restrictive handling of abortion medication is "based on politics, not science."
Dr. Richard Hearn, a longtime physician-turned-attorney in Pocatello, Idaho, is representing Gomperts. He argued in his letter to the FDA that the agency is overstepping its role in going after a doctor, targeting the distribution of this medication while ignoring other drugs purchased online, including Viagra, and disregarding the proven safety of this early-stage abortion method.
"The effect, if not the purpose," of the warning and restrictions is to "place a substantial burden in the path of U.S. women" who've "been forced to attempt to exercise their right to a medical abortion by way of the internet," he wrote.

More at the link…

Boys and girls, slavery was abolished in 1865. Will of people abolished it. To me, anti-choice movement is a form of slavery. There is no place for it in 2019. We will abolish this too if we stick together. On a better note, for those of you who don’t like Trump, all these anti-choice movements have helped him become a one term president.
Re: We need more people like that
June 07, 2019
She's the Dutch woman who founded Women on Waves to provide abortions in countries where they are restricted. For some time they had an abortion ship they parked in international waters near restrictive countries.

As for the US, they're all free trade when they're trying to stuff chlorine-washed chicken down European throats, but when it comes to Europe touching one of America's sacred cows, they suddenly find it conveniently illegal.
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