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Nightmare fuel: 39-year-old Moo with no tubes gives birth to "miracle baby"

Posted by Cambion 

Just when you think it's safe to go back to sexy time! I know it's a pretty damn rare thing for a salpingectomy to fail, but it's still scary shit to think about. And somehow the clump still wound up in her uterus? With no tubes, wouldn't that mean it would have a much higher chance of implanting somewhere in the abdomen? And it wasn't a botched surgery either - there were no traces of those tubes anywhere in sight. The egg somehow got fertilized in the vast expanse of the lower abdomen (vast on a cellular level) and somehow shimmied its way into the uterus.

Of course they're calling it a "miracle baby." Yeah I'm sure she feels real blessed having gone through the trouble of getting sterilized to prevent more brats and winding up with them anyway. That bullshit is just for the media. I wonder if she found out when she was too far along to abort and she has to switch to full denial mode and call it a miracle. And of course she couldn't give the obviously unwanted brat away because the entire family would have strung her up for it. Soooo guess what? Let's tack another two decades onto that sentence of yours, Moo!

"Of course at first I was shocked and I was like, `this isn't in my plan,''' Kough said. "I'm a planner. But now, you know, sometimes the best laid plans, you need to just do away with those. He is a beautiful baby. I am exceptionally lucky to have him in my life.''

I wonder what she says about her luck off-camera. Because I'd call her luck right shit! She had the colossal misfortune of having a salpingectomy fail (as opposed to tying/clamping or Essure), and also had the shit luck of having the fertilized egg implant in the organ where it was supposed to go rather than literally anywhere else in her abdomen. Had she had an abdominal pregnancy (which would be the expected scenario under these circumstances), she would have most likely had to get an abortion because abdominal pregnancies are generally considered non-viable and a threat to the woman's health. And while extrauterine pregnancies are very rare, free-floating clumps will latch onto fucking anything outside the uterus like the abdominal wall or the liver.

I'd wager she's already planning a PNA for this dumpling. Can the "miracle baby" survive being rolled onto during co-sleeping or "forgotten" in a hot car? Find out next week on Fuck My Life!

I don't fault her because she did the responsible thing and had the plumbing torn out once she was done being an incubator. I mean what the fuck else can you do? Tube removal is considered one of the most effective forms of birth control. I wonder if she got her uterus taken out now too, or if she left that in there in case any more "miracles" want to set up shop.
Holy hell, that sure is nightmare fuel.
Makes one wonder - isn't there ANYTHING that can really prevent freaking pignancy?? If even such a surgery can fail...
Enjoying sex sure isn't really possible anymore after reading that....

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