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Another one from damn the environment, bring on the breeding

Posted by yurble 
Another one from damn the environment, bring on the breeding
June 09, 2019
Viktor Orbán, Hungary's strong-man type, thinks that more reproduction is the route to salvation.

Hungary’s populist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has promised that women who have four or more children will never pay income tax again, in a move aimed at boosting the country’s population.

So many things wrong with that, aside from the obvious environmental/overpopulation issues. What if the children never end up contributing to the country themselves, because they die, are too disabled, become criminals, or (and this is very likely) leave? Young people are fleeing the country already in droves for better opportunities; this looks like yet another motivation to gtfo.

And like most people of his type, probably the only babies he wants to see are from his ethnic group. When he remembers that the minority Roma has a higher fertility rate, he'll probably introduce measures like coerced sterilization (Slovakia) or free access to abortions after three children (Bulgaria). I am guessing it won't take long for the racist details to emerge if this policy goes forward.
Re: Another one from damn the environment, bring on the breeding
June 09, 2019
There is a Roma documentary from Bulgaria on youtube. I watched it a while back and that culture is almost as bad as ISIS toward women, brutal domestic violence. Women are breeding cattle and can never marry if they lose their viginity. Men rule in that world.


I believe this is the one where they take their daughters to the "marriage market" as if it was Ancient Rome

The Roma, DNA goes back to the E. Indian untouchables and the Bulgarian ghettos are similar to the slums of India. I doubt the Roma men would allow the women to access abortion or even BC no matter if it was their 12th kid, due to the EXTREME importance of "family" for survival. The Roma have a foothold in the Rome burbs of Italy as mafia.

I recently read a book by a guy named Mikey Walsh. He was Roma in the UK, a traveller who realized he was gay as a teen and escaped "the life" His father nearly beat him to death over it and also his mother for sticking up for him, but many of the women run with the men on crime sprees for the cash these brutal men can provide. I guess that is what many humans become with no oppounities in life
They did this in Romania in 1966 with the end result being children living in overrun orphanages. It didn't work then, what makes them think it's going to work now? The stupidity burns!


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Re: Another one from damn the environment, bring on the breeding
June 12, 2019
CF is a fact of life and more and more women are turning to it, realizing that they aren't breeding machines.


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